The desire to encrypt the market

It is said that the encryption market is a casino. I would like to ask any trade-based industry, which is not a casino, some people gamble more people, and only guess before the price does not happen. Some people guess that someone is wrong, guess right. The earning of the pot is full, and the person who guessed the fault is ruined. In essence, they are the same kind of people, but the ending is different. The result of defeating the king is only to bear.

In the cryptocurrency market, the first thing to understand: the encryption market is a kind of volatility, violent to the extent that ordinary people can't afford, and the risk of completely returning to zero.

This is one, and most people have failed in the first stage.

The most important reason for most people entering the encryption market is that it is very easy to make money. From the news, we can see the stories of ordinary people who are rich, from Li Xiaolai to Guo Erbao, and then to many young people who have thousands of net worth. Under the leadership of the wealth effect, novices who recognize the risks or do not know the risks at all will enter the market to buy coins.

Let’s take the matter of the 2017 big V shouting.

Some people who are now shouting on the market probably don’t know that in 2017, the most fierce swearing man, Wen Weijie, is the guy who screams at the bottom of Weibo, and Yuan Tao, who has opened the knowledge planet and earned hundreds. Wan, also bought Porsche's dear friend on Weibo. At that time, his gameplay was to first build a market value of millions of coins on the coins, then release the buying strategy on the knowledge planet, and finally shout on Weibo. Single, with other people shouting in each WeChat group, let the leeks that do not know the truth come to the market. Under the premise that the market value is very low, the effect of shouting is very obvious. After 94, the above gameplay is not new. Most people thoroughly understand that they will not be tempted by the caller, and Yuan Tao will follow the gold pot. The act of washing hands and not shouting, perhaps, the moral sensation of earning money, made him turn back, so that in his communication with him, he even despised the act of shouting. The world is changing too fast.

In the principle of not shouting and not recommending coins, Caesar has stopped recommending currency for others since 2019. Some people who have added Caesar's contact information, let me teach them how to buy coins, do not teach, or patiently teach Until they will.

In general, I will reply to this situation. I will talk about the notes when I talk more, but some people come to you every day. I don’t reply to them. In fact, Caesar has no obligation to reply every time. Moreover, you don’t make money to make money with me. I don't need your money either, but I have to blame for the sacrifice of time.

In view of the fact that I will not analyze the market, because I have not experienced a complete cycle of bulls and bears, the analysis of the market is purely flickering. In the end, if I have earned a few dollars, I will start analyzing the market. It’s not unreasonable that the K line shouted that the big god died one after another.

However, some newcomers don't understand why they added my contact information but did not have any shouting behavior. Yesterday, a new leek was irritated in the WeChat group to scream Caesar to play big cards, not to recommend coins to the group, let them go to the bull market. Caesar can't handle it only.

Some people will not understand your good intentions, why not shout, because the risk is too great, making money is beautiful, and losing money is not something everyone can afford. Therefore, simply cut off such behaviors and avoid troubles.

The above is the risk of buying coins, as well as operational errors.

When the newcomers enter the market, they don’t have a full understanding of the entire market. Even if the total amount of Bitcoin and Ethereum is unclear, they start to buy coins. It’s indifferent to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum. At least it’s a community consensus, if you’re not careful. I bought all kinds of altcoins. Zeroing is a matter of minutes. Some people think that any spicy chicken coins that come from the bull market will take off. In fact, the survivors’ deviations are affecting everyone’s views. Some spicy chickens and bulls are still motionless because of the consensus. Never existed, the bull market came to them instead, and the main force rushed to the east, and the price was getting lower and lower. You can’t see the currency of the penguin, unlimited coins, lotcoins, yuan coins, etc. on the coins. ?

In particular, the frequent change of warehouses is the commonality of human beings. Because there is no patience, the bull market is coming, and the mainstream currency is too slow to rise. It has been jumping and jumping. In the end, it is better to make more money with the first mainstream currency. , paid the energy and time to operate, in exchange for a chicken feather. In particular, the new gameplay of the currency circle should not be involved. It is an opportunity for the old leeks. It is not a chance for newcomers. The only opportunity for newcomers is patience and patience in holding bull markets such as mainstream currencies. The rest of the operations are superfluous.

After the operation is finished, the latest people's most concerned things will benefit. After all, everyone is going to encrypt the market for gold mining. Let me talk about the consensus and the revolution. The only real benefits are the most important. The rest and ordinary investors do not. Any relationship. As for how much a bull market can make a profit, my suggestion is ten times. You might say that Caesar is a joke. You have earned a thousand times and let me earn ten times to end. Yes, it is ten times. Nowadays, when the total market value of the encryption market in 2017 is only a few hundred billion, the total market value has expanded to two trillion in 2019. If it goes up, Bitcoin will soon catch up with the total gold. The market value, so Caesar judges that the bull market is ten times a basic point. Ten times is a goal that most people now enter the market. It is impossible to rule out that luck is particularly good and can earn a hundred times. In fact, it is normal, but there are few.

Lowering the expected earnings, the probability of making money will increase.

Because the human heart is never satisfied, it is not the same as our reality in clothing, food and shelter. If you eat three meals a day, you will not continue to inflate indefinitely. Otherwise, your life will be difficult to protect. The dozens of clothes and women are already very exaggerated. Men often change their clothes. There are only a few pieces of clothes. In terms of housing, rich people buy suites and have no money to rent a house. You can’t change a house for a day, except for speculators. The cost of traveling around the world is not too high now. A previous scholar said that 1 billion people in China have not been in the plane, and 500 million people have not passed the toilet. From the side, it can be seen that not all people are satisfied with the ordinary needs.

Clothing, food, shelter, and transportation are very easy to satisfy. Desire is a bottomless pit. For example, when you were a child, you wanted to have a TV set. You can watch cartoons every day. After junior high school, you want a computer to play games every day. After high school, you want to have After your time, you want a car to take your sister out for a ride. After graduation, if you want a suite, you can live and work in peace. The desire is constantly expanding because the money in your hands is not enough to squander yourself. Not enough ability to make enough money, most people can only kneel down on the food and clothing line.

Let me talk about a story about how the American ship king taught his son how to control his desires:

Harry, the American ship king, once said to his son Harry: "When you reach the age of 23, I will give you the financial power of the company." Who wants, on the 23rd birthday of his son, the old Harry brought his son into The casino. Old Harry gave Harry a $2,000 to familiarize Harry with the tricks at the table and told him that he couldn't lose money anyway.

Little Harry nodded again and again, and old Harry was still not at ease. He had to pay $500 for his son. Little Harry slaps his chest and promises to come down. However, the young Harry quickly gambled and forgot his father's words, and eventually lost a point! Out of the casino, Harry was very frustrated, saying that he thought the last two could be earned back. At that time, his hand was starting to get better, but he didn't expect it to lose even worse.

Old Harry said: You have to enter the casino again, but I can't give you the money you need to earn. Xiaoha took a month to work and earned $700. When he walked into the casino again, he set himself a rule: he could only lose half of the money, and he must leave the table when he was halfway there.

However, Harry once again failed.

When he lost half of his money, his feet couldn't move like nails. He failed to hold on to his own principles, and once again put all the money up, or lost a good light. Old Harry looked at him and said nothing. Out of the casino, Harry said to his father: He never wants to enter the casino again, because his character will only let him lose the last penny, he is destined to be a loser. Who knows that Harry is not convinced, he insisted that Harry enter the casino again. Old Harry said: The casino is the fiercest, most ruthless and cruelest place in the world. Life is like a casino. How can you not continue?

Little Harry had to go to work again.

The third time he walked into the casino was half a year later. This time, his luck is still a bad game. But he learned the lessons of the past, calmed down a lot, calmed a lot, and when the money lost half, he resolutely walked out of the casino. Although he still lost half, but in his heart, he has a feeling of winning, because this time he defeated himself!

Old Harry saw the joy of his son. He said to his son, "Do you think that you are going to the casino to win? You must win yourself! Control yourself and you can be the real winner in the world."

From then on, every time Harry entered the casino, he set a line for himself. He would definitely withdraw from the table when he lost 10%. Later, the little Harry who was familiar with the casino actually began to win: he not only saved the cost, but also won a few hundred dollars! At this time, the father standing by him warned him that he should leave the table immediately.

For the first time, it’s so smooth, how can Harry be willing to leave? After a few downs, he really won some money, and he saw that the money on his hands would double – this is a scene he has never encountered, and Harry is very excited! Who knows, at this time the situation has turned sharply, several opponents have greatly increased their bets, only two, Harry has lost the light… Harry, who fell from heaven in prison, was shocked by a cold sweat, and he remembered his father. Advice.

If he can leave if he can follow his father, he will be a winner. Unfortunately, he missed the opportunity to win and once again made a loser.

A year later, when Harry went to the casino again, Little Harry had become a decent veteran, and his wins and losses were controlled within 10%. Regardless of losing 10%, or winning 10%, he will resolutely leave, even in the most smooth time he will not entangle! Old Harry was so excited–because he knew that in this world, the talents who can exit at the time of winning are the real winners.

Old Harry resolutely decided to hand over the billions of companies' financial power to Little Harry. Upon hearing this sudden appointment, Harry was surprised: "I don't know the company business yet!" Old Harry said with a relaxed face: "Business is just a trivial matter. How many people in the world fail, not because they don't understand business. But can't control their emotions and desires!"

Perhaps we are all small Harry, from the uncontrollable desire to the control of a little self-desire, and finally the winner of life is the most important guarantee to control the infinite expansion of the desire to gold in the encryption market.

If you can't guarantee, Caesar can't do anything.

Author: Bitcoin Caesar