The tyrants of Macao and his "pagans"

There is a smashing role in the Avengers League to "kill the tyrants". In order to realize the grand "dream" of protecting the resources of the universe, it is determined to destroy all the life in the universe.

The demise of Malthus has shaped a seemingly "deep righteousness" dream, but such extreme and brutal killings are bound to be rebelled by the best superheroes of mankind.

In the battlefield of cryptocurrency, Oban, his own people, and his "infidels" are performing such farce.

Oban Congren

"Ownen Cong", whose real name is Craig Steven Wright, is controversial because he has repeatedly pretended that he is the founder of Bitcoin "Zhong Ben Cong". In the eyes of the public, it has become a fish-eye, pretentious, and swindler. The martial arts are also pretending to be martial arts masters, like the ones that are pretending to be thousands of miles in the Legend of the Condor Heroes.

But "Ao Ben Cong" martial arts is actually not bad.

There are two very certain information that can be confirmed: 1. Aoben Cong did participate in the research of Bitcoin before 2008, and had some contacts with Nakamoto Satoshi. 2. Behind Ao Bencon, there is a behind-the-scenes boss named Calvin Ayre, who is a speculative amnesty in the gaming industry, super super rich.

Since Nakamoto was disappeared from public view in December 2010, it has never appeared. The cryptocurrency of the $100 billion market capitalization supported by consensus has been the mystery of its biggest spiritual leader, Nakamoto Satoshi.

So Calvin Ayre, who was "deliberately", began to support the "Ao Ben Cong", with the bitcoin forked currency BSV as a strategic location, trying to control the BSV's Calvin by letting the BSV absorb the current cryptocurrency including Bitcoin. The Ayre Group can wait for an opportunity to plunder the vast majority of the cryptocurrency market.

What is the name of the teacher?

In order to upgrade the current bitcoin network in terms of technical aspects such as “block capacity, transaction rate, and rate”, there have been many hard forks in Bitcoin history, resulting in bitcoin cash (BCH) and bitcoin gold ( BTG), Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) and many other forked coins.

At present, bitcoin cash (BCH) is relatively successful, while BSV is “Satoshi Vision” (Ben Sung Cong Vision), which is another bifurcated coin based on BCH, seen by Oban and his gang behind it. Come, the current other bitcoins are fake, and BSV is the real bitcoin.

But the mainstream consensus obviously does not think so. Everyone still uses the current bitcoin as the original cryptocurrency, and the BSV is just one of the small forked coins.

Therefore, the ambition of Calvin Ayre and the computer scientist Craig Steven Wright who knows Nakamoto Satoshi are awkward. One attempted to smash "Zhongben Cong" to make the world, and from time to time jumped out to release the sugar-coated shells to the media, self-certified as Nakamoto. Their purpose is only one, to disrupt the existing consensus, and to wait for the BSV to take the position.

Throughout the battle, blood and hurricanes are inevitable.

In November 2018, Oban was threatened to use money to destroy Bitcoin, and launched a power war against BCH, headed by Wu Jihan, because of the large amount of computing power to deal with BCH’s power struggle, plus The power struggle itself undermined the stability of the original consensus, causing the price of Bitcoin to retreat from the low of $6,000 at the time to $3,100. The BSV also ate the consequences and fell to a minimum of $38.

In April 2019, Ownen Cong and the founder of the Lightning Torch Hodlonaut were on the bar. Oban was to sue Hodlonaut and even reward him. This once again angered the Bitcoin community, everyone consciously joined the team supporting Hodlonaut, and even replaced the Twitter avatar with Hodlonaut to boycott Oban. As a result, the Currency Exchange announced the removal of the BSV, which caused another wave of plunge.

In May 2019, it was suddenly reported that Oban was acquired a US copyright registration for the original Bitcoin white paper and most of the original Bitcoin code (version 0.1). After the news was released, the BSV price jumped three times. Once again, everyone fell into the hot discussion of whether Okamoto was a member of Nakamoto. Later, a person named Liu Wei appeared in the list of registrants of the Bitcoin white paper, which proved that it is impossible to prove that it is only Cong. After a short period of high light, the BSV plunged back to its original shape.

Do you think that the evil story of the tyrannical overlord Ao Cong has ended like this?

Three days ago, the news came from the cattle and cattle community, saying that Oban was transferred from the BTC's largest address (the address of Nakamoto Satoshi) to the 50,000 BTC of the Onan Exchange. The discerning eye has seen it, and the undead Aomoto has come out as a demon, and the price of the BSV has nearly doubled in a short time.

Disgusting, ridiculous, and incomprehensible, Ao Bencong and the mastermind behind it are challenging the tolerance of the Bitcoin community and destroying community consensus.

First create the topic and then raise the price of the currency, attract traffic to enter the market, and then leave the market at a high position. At a time when the cryptocurrency is gradually stabilizing, Oban is the biggest destabilizing factor in the market. The Trump, which has brought great instability to the economy, has a fight. The difference is that Trump may be just a big mouth, but Oban is tied up with a bomb.

Oban’s “infidels”

In fact, Calvin Ayre fostered the tactics of Oban's attempt to plunder wealth in the field of cryptocurrency. The industry insiders in the blockchain industry can understand it, but there is nothing to help, such as Zhao Changpeng and Hodlonaut. You should know that many people are quite vocal about the issue of the BSV.

Because on the gold rush road, there are always some people who are tempted to create chaos, and many people who are not determined or quick to make a quick profit will become their "accomplice."

Ownen Cong seized the fragile and easy-to-manipulate ecology of the cryptocurrency market: constantly pretending to be a weak consensus among Nakamoto to fool the public opinion; use the huge financial strength behind it to control the market, and repeatedly staged the pull and smash a despicable play code of the disc;

1. Consensus economy lacking a value assessment model

The consensus is solid and fragile.

Li Xiao’s consensus is also a consensus. It is because the current consensus economy mostly lacks peer support in the field of application, and everyone lacks the most basic value assessment model for the consensus economy.

Why invest in a Token, what Token is reliable, and the growth space is large? There is no objective and reasonable evaluation criteria. The consensus of Bitcoin comes from its scarcity (21 million caps), irreplaceability (the originator of the cryptocurrency), and the perception of the widest group (more than 10 years of survivability), which is why it is impossible to understand the cryptocurrency market. The logic of operation, as long as All in Bitcoin is right.

And now most Tokens do not have this consensus basis. After the release of a Token, as long as a part of the audience approves, its market value will be supported. The bitcoin fork was originally the product of the collapse of the consensus. Some people did not agree with the operation concept of the main chain. They reorganized a new chain by acting alone. As long as there is a miner, the Token has a flow and can continue to operate. This is why everyone hates Aomoto and BSV but can't do it.

However, from the market data, the price of BSV is now less than 1/30 of that of Bitcoin. This has already made it destined that the fate of BSV will only be a cultist who has been expelled from the division of the martial arts. The more he is tempted, the more he is cast aside.

Some people may ask, if Ownen Cong really confirmed that it is Nakamoto Satoshi? If this is the case, the cryptocurrency market will encounter a fatal blow. Those who have a firm belief in Bitcoin will not accept such a poor character, and those who have no principle and no bottom line will become their spiritual leaders. But even so much is a big fall in the market, in the long run still can not kill bitcoin. In fact, after 10 years of trials in the market, the consensus value of Bitcoin has not been manipulated by Nakamoto. It seems that Nakamoto is not so important.

Ownen Cong has seized the established fact that Nakamoto has disappeared, and has repeatedly challenged the Bitcoin consensus, but this will only make BSV more resentful to more mainstream community cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and finally move the stone. If you lick your own feet, it may be BSV yourself.

2. Easy to manipulate cryptocurrency market

Seeing him as a tall building, seeing his building collapsed.

In the mature stock market, there are a lot of examples of market makers cutting the leeks, not to mention the fact that in a cryptocurrency field where the overall market value is small and there is a lack of compliance regulation.

Manipulation is inevitable. The financial market itself is hard to recognize. There are always people who make money, and there are always people who lose money. As long as the market is flowing, there is vitality. But what is terrible is the malicious manipulation of the bottom line and the hundred times of leveraged gamblers who are not afraid of death.

Recently, friends can always see some people looking for BSV futures trading opportunities. Every time there is panic news in BSV, the number of pending orders for BSV futures trading will increase sharply. Many people like the violence and violence of BSV, short time. The inside is short-selling and the money to make more money is slightly larger. I heard that there is news that a teenager uses 500 yuan to open 100 times leverage to do more, and then pulls it to a certain extent, and then reverses 100 times leverage to short, and the highest account is fired to 1 million, but in the end it is instantly bursting, doing A millionaire for a second.

The so-called God wants to perish, must first make it crazy, there are always some gamblers in the cryptocurrency market desperately to die. It can be concluded that the person who manufactures Ao Bencong to use the Nakamoto account to transfer 50,000 BTC false P maps is only a "pagan" under the spur of Ownen Cong, who helped Ou Ben Cong to make various fakes under the stimulus of interest. The news, even some small bookmakers are using the greater volatility of the BSV to cut the leek. Ownen Cong's demon can always hit the side of human greed and let a group of people become accomplices in the cholera market.

Therefore, Ownen Cong has never lacked fans. As long as he can make some people earn money, he will unconditionally support him. Even if he is like psoriasis, he always comes out from time to time. A terrible reality is that we can always see that some projects that use the technical barriers to engage in DApp ecology are being squandered, and the bad currency such as BSV is very volatile and makes a large part of the speculators. Taste the sweetness.

It’s just that the same card will play more or less sooner or later. Now, as more institutions join the investment in Bitcoin, major mainstream projects are gradually stabilizing to meet the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) through Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), thereby attracting more funds. Field, raising the overall market value of the cryptocurrency market. The violent pull of the BSV is tantamount to digging the grave, and sooner or later it will be abandoned because it violates the will of the mainstream group.

3. Blockchain ecology under the cryptocurrency

Cheng also encrypts the currency, and the defeat also encrypts the currency.

After talking to some friends outside the circle, I got a terrible fact. Most people's blockchains only have bitcoin and various model coins and even money. And the real layout in the ecology such as Ethereum, EOS mainstream currency, etc., they are completely ignorant and indifferent.

This exposes a very sad reality in the current blockchain industry, where the perception of cryptocurrency is much greater than the industry ecology.

The reason why BSV splits out from BCH is precisely because Bitumin has an idea to do ecology based on cryptocurrency, and BSV always insists that Nakamoto's original intention is to make electronic cash.

I am afraid that who is right and who is wrong, I am afraid that Nakamoto can not tell. But one thing is certain that it is difficult to make a big difference from the ecological pure cryptocurrency. Nowadays, most people's enthusiasm for cryptocurrency is far above the blockchain ecology. Therefore, the recent wave of the Mavericks market has a lot of flavors of chain-chain currency. Although it is a bull market, it has three points. The enthusiasm of the endless sleep is not so fast, because more people who have been educated because of the speculative currency have no longer blindly pursued the rise of the cryptocurrency market, but instead have some potential opportunities in the ecological field.

However, the real blockchain ecological development is very slow. For example, the recent de-definition finance (DeFi) fire, many traditional financial institutions have entered the financial products under the blockchain industry, from borrowing to derivatives to insurance, many product formats. It should be said that DeFi is likely to support the real bull market for the next wave of blockchain ecology, because its vertical financial scenario is more suitable for cryptocurrency to find direct landing value, but it will develop very slowly. The reason is that the threshold is too high, it is difficult to expect that a person who does not download the cryptocurrency wallet will perform some borrowing operations, which takes a period of cognitive learning.

Many people are simply attracted to the speculative currency, and ignore the changes that are happening in this industry. This is a big mistake.

Looking back at the big bull market in 2017, many altcoins can have a hundred times increase, and now the mainstream currency is slowly waking up. Most of the altcoins are still asleep, and the whole market has become relatively rational, indicating a development. The ecology in the world is self-evolving.

Therefore, the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecology are inherently inseparable twin sisters. The cryptocurrency attracts everyone into the market, and the blockchain ecology keeps everyone, so that the market is stable enough. From this point of view, Ownen Cong’s Nakamoto’s vision itself cannot withstand scrutiny, not to mention that it is not a simple bitcoin primitive, and the intentions and motives behind it have become clear.

So, who is the "infidel" of Ao Bencong?

It depends on the land under your feet, engraved with Oban, or Nakamoto.

The former will make you a magic, the latter can become a Buddha, everything is in your choice.


There is no such thing as a tall concept, no unconventional technical explanations, only the most popular business, the most keen perspective, and the most unique insights. I am still a poor elementary school student in the blockchain industry. The article thinks and thinks about it. It is a broken thought. You are not smiling inside the circle. You are welcome to learn from it.

Text / Hao Tian