Data Analysis: Ethereum's fundamentals are performing well, and the volume of trading on mainstream exchanges is declining.

According to TokenGazer data analysis, as of 11:00 on June 3, Ethereum price is $269.07, the total market value is $28,629.95M, and the mainstream exchange volume is about $243.96M, which is a certain decline from the previous data; Ethereum calculation and chain The trading volume continued to maintain a relatively rising trend; in search, the search fever of Ethereum gradually became flat; the 30-day return rate of Ethereum showed a relative upward trend; the number of active addresses increased significantly; the current total market value of ERC20 tokens was approximately The total market value of Ethereum is 58.51%, which has maintained small fluctuations in recent times. In terms of ERC20 active addresses, the top five tokens are USDC, DAI, CND, TUSD, and ZRX.