BM: EOSIO is one of the fastest, most scalable and most active blockchain software CTO Dan Larimer (BM) said in a B1JUNE speech, ".. In just one year, I can proudly announce that EOSIO has become one of the fastest, most scalable and active blockchain software in the world. BM claims that the EOS public chain currently accounts for more than 60% of the entire blockchain transaction. According to the Blocktivity data (the Activity Index is the number of operations performed on the blockchain in the last 24 hours), EOS is in the first place, and ETH and TRX are in the fifth and sixth places, respectively. He also said that EOS has more than 48% of daily active blockchain users. As far as the DApp ecosystem is concerned, the performance of other blockchains seems to be dwarfed, as the five EOS DApps occupy the top eight in the DAppradar rankings.