Market Analysis: EOS is exhausted and is expected to lead a wave


BTC: Current offer 8674. On the daily line level, the price is above the 5 and 10 day moving averages, the 30 and 60 moving averages are tilted upwards, and the moving average system reflects the bulls. After the shrinkage, the market prices are increased twice, the volume is falling, the chips are swaying; the MACD is slow and blunt The comprehensive daily signal of all parties is a sluggish bullish trend. It can't be successfully attacked for 2 consecutive days. The market is facing a trend of lowering the 30-day moving average. In the 4 hours chart, the overall situation is still in the bullish trend. The first two days mentioned that the 8600 station will have a band up attack. It has been successfully attacked last night, but the market did not go out of the outbreak, and the overall energy storage is insufficient. 4 hours level MACD, facing the structure of secondary divergence, even if the short-term success is up, the market is difficult to continue up. The operation takes the limit pending order mode:

Support interval: 7900-8030, 7580

Pressure interval: 8800-8930


ETH: The current price is 266.13. The price of the daily line is oscillating between the 14-day moving average and the 5-day moving average, and the amplitude is continuously reduced. The market will choose the direction in the past two days; combined with the trend of the 4-hour chart, the high-range wide-range volatility is maintained. The price is in the oscillating central position, and the operability is poor. It also operates according to the extreme level of the reference large-scale interval:

Support interval: 245-248

Pressure interval: 290-294


XRP: The current price is 0.443. After the 31st waterfall, the market went out of Sanlian Xiaoyang, and the attack was very small. In today's day, the attack could not be successfully attacked by 0.47. There is still a large callback risk, which can reduce the position and keep the low position. After a round of retracement, the market entered again. Recommended on the lower car: 0.37-0.38


BCH: The current offer is 444.79. After the collective oversold trend on the 31st, the counterattack of the Prince is relatively weak, and the market continues to maintain the upward trend above the trend line. As the rest of the mainstream price is at the center, the current Prince is brewing a wave of market. Combined with the hourly chart, it is obvious that the MACD indicator line is already in a triangular oscillation, and the breakthrough is the direction. On the K line, define two operations: an effective breakthrough of 450, more into the field; effective break 435, a small rebound into the field. As for the current price, the risk is too great.


EOS: There is an indication of the arc top at the level of the grapefruit line. The main reference is the pressure range of 7.94-8.0, and the lower part is 6.8-7.0. The profit is exhausted, that is, the short-term operation of the grapefruit is carried out according to the idea of ​​rebounding. .


LTC: The current price is 113.79. The trend of the hourly chart is as shown in the figure. After the breakthrough triangle in the early stage, the market has gone out of the upward trend, and it is still operating in the upward trend. The ultra-low point on May 31 is already the low point of the market and the stage of access. Low, you can reduce the position, patience, combined with MACD, whether it is upside down, or down, reaching a certain extent will cause deviation from the market, as for futures, the current price of the central price is not very reasonable, wait patiently.

Upper pressure: 120-123

Bottom support: 98-102

Quote summary

Summary of the market: In addition to grapefruit, the rest of the mainstream is in the vicinity of the central position. Especially after the 31st oversold, the market continued to repair the trend, easily not in the central position, typical statistical market, relatively speaking, grapefruit short-term emptiness is strong, is expected to lead the trend. Secondly, the upside of ETC yesterday, plus the early rebound of Rippo, the market is more inclined to the end of the bulls. Of course, the end of the chariot is also good, Ruibo scams are also good, in fact, according to the historical trend of reference, there is not much reference. Breaking through the market to break through the most stable point, the reason is that once the dealer starts, the locomotive is difficult to transfer. When the train starts, you set up the car immediately, which is consistent with the direction you intended, that is, the car is profitable. Profitability is tracked and the risk operation is perfectly controlled.

Trading experience

Recently, some friends feedback, there is such a problem in operation: the fall does not dare to get on the train, the rise does not dare to short, one with a stop loss is afraid to be broken through the loss, and the second is not afraid to stop the passive resistance, especially Anti-single, primary resistance will lose funds in all accounts. In fact, the recent market can roughly split the two, 80% unilateral trend, 20% volatility, especially the recent market always appears in the early hours of the morning, a time period that is easy to paralyze. Personal experience talks, there are two main reasons for heart panic: First, for trading skills, analysis tools, position management is just getting started, even no entry, depending on the feeling; second, eager to place orders, point admission without control , the order can not make immediate income. How to overcome this problem:

First, I know that it is not just you who are the only ones who have this problem. Even if they are veterans of long-term trading, there will be disgusting emotions when they trade for a period of time. The usual practice of amaranth is to wait, keep the market and let go. The veteran of trading, is immediately forced to break, decisively out of the warehouse. Appropriate dressing, on the one hand, can stand on the sidelines of the market outlook, the so-called authorities are onlookers clear, recognize the trend to enter again.

Second, trading skills, analysis means follow-up: For the use of trading skills, novices have no idea, for the technical deduction of trading three years to more than five years of friends, it is estimated that the same feelings, the next step, the simpler The skill, the ultimate is the right pre-judgment, the novice is not easy to be greedy, mastering more trading skills will only be fascinating. Keep in mind that even the simplest channel marking, index application, as long as it is a detailed comparison of more than 1000 past trends, the market is almost invincible, it depends on your patience and perseverance.

Third, the position management. The more confusing the market, the more frivolous; the more confused, the more frivolous; the more extreme the bearish bullish, the more the light warehouse; the more frequent the transaction, the more the light warehouse . . . So when is the position? Heavy warehouse requirements are very high, fast and short stop loss. Orders should be fast, fast out of the warehouse, fast hand speed; repeated deductions, the most accurate position, the position can be heavy.

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