Getting started with blockchain | Huge bitcoin cold wallet bizarre theft, cold wallet also fell?

“Recently, there have been 33 huge bitcoin wallet thefts in the city. The stolen bitcoin wallets are cold wallets and paper wallets that have never been connected , and hundreds of thousands of bitcoins have been lost. Many of the victims are well aware of the cryptocurrency . Rich merchants, professional technicians, cryptocurrency trading platform ."

A serious face of the Polis police station, Tristan, opened the door at the morning meeting: "The criminals are very professional, not only in the eyes of professional and technical personnel to turn away the assets in the cold wallet, there are no signs of hacking ! Tracing 1 There are no clues in the month, and it has caused a lot of public panic."


Extremely weird

Secretary Tristan once again stressed:

"Just with the mayor by phone, the mayor made a clear statement, the nature of the case is extremely bad, the state leaders are also very concerned, especially the account must be broken within 2 months. As a high-tech capital, the city holds the population of bitcoin wallet Has accounted for 75%, and no one is allowed to commit such crimes!"

"Sit on my side, this is the director of Joseph who just came from the State Block Chain Crime Institute." Director Tristan said, "He is the first and most top blockchain crime research in China. Experts, successfully helped the public security system to crack a large number of blocks involved in the block. Well, now appointed Joseph is the consultant of the case task force, Eric team leader, you have to take the time to organize the task force, introduce the case to Joseph and provide Detailed information."

Later, Secretary Tristan got up and said to Joseph, who was on the side: "Judge Joseph, I am going to rush to the town hall to report work, and there will be you here." "Where, I will try my best to cooperate with your work." Joseph got up and replied.

The "team leader? Team leader?" The police officer at the side pulled me to me who was thinking about the case. I immediately returned to God and looked at the director. This is a young man who seems to be in his early 30s. From the perspective of his clothes, he is obviously a technical background. He said: "Joseph, you are good. I heard that there are many young people in the blockchain industry. So, so young. It’s a long time.”

"Oh, the sheriff is not polite, I am here to cooperate with you. Time is tight, what needs to be mentioned despite it!" Joseph was a pragmatic look.

"Okay, we will enter the case immediately." I took out a stack of thick materials and began to state the main situation:

"This is the case. A month ago, there were cases of cold wallet theft in our city. Because the victims are almost all powerful people in the technology circle and the financial circle, the amount involved in each case is very large. The only situation that is currently understood is that Director Tristan also mentioned that all are cold wallets that don’t touch the net. You are an expert in this area, and you know that this kind of safety wallet with high safety factor is mostly kept in the house, usually not because of home PC or Personal mobile phones have been stolen by cyber attacks. Therefore, we suspect that someone in the real world sneaked into the victim's residence and directly obtained the private key or mnemonic in the cold wallet."

"However, in the 33 cases of theft that occurred in the previous case, the security of the victim's residence was very strict. There were a large number of monitoring probes outside the residence. No outsiders had entered their residence before the incident." I said helplessly, "I really see you." Ghost, can criminals be qigong and be able to view their private keys from a distance?"

Joseph listened to my statement and fell into meditation. After a while, he said:

"It's a bit ridiculous! The common private key is lost. It's usually the online leak caused by the wallet user's lack of understanding of the cryptocurrency. You can say that these people are all people in the scientific and technological field. They are highly professional and use cold wallets. It can be seen that the security awareness is also quite high. So basically, it can be ruled out that the cyber attack can obtain the private key. Now it can only be detected from the stolen bitcoin flow."

"You have a very good analysis. Now the flow of Bitcoin can still be found. The cyber security technology department of our police station is tracking. Although the criminals are very embarrassed, after flowing into the black market, they are cleaned many times through the decentralized trading platform. I have turned a lot of laps, I believe I can still find them in the end, it’s just a matter of time." I nodded and responded. "But there is a very worrying problem now. Even if we find the first person who has flowed out of this batch of bitcoin, they refuse to provide modus operandi and tactics, and we have no evidence to tell them. Go to court and bring to justice."

Joseph agrees with me:

"The sheriff is also very professional, and it is true. However, the hypothesis that the criminals you just said to steal the private key through Qigong remotely reminds me of a case I have encountered before."

"Early, there was also a theft, but the stolen goods were some precious items such as diamond rings, gold and silver jewellery, and the criminals were also remote. Do you know what the modus operandi is?" Joseph sold the first thing. Then went on to say, "It turned out that this prisoner was a circus breeder. Later, because of the squabble with the circus owner, the monkey who had been training for many years had run away. He trained the monkey how to distinguish gold and silver jewelry. Let the monkeys sneak into the different mansions many times to look for jewels and bring them out."

I heard this, because the case has not been broken, and the team members who have been nervous for more than a month have been unable to smile. I also smiled and then sighed: "The world is full of wonders, oh! But the outdoor surveillance of this case has been seen, and even the flies have not flown in. The monkeys are definitely impossible."


Peak circuit

The police assistant's phone suddenly rang. She answered the phone for a few seconds. She shook her phone excitedly and said: "The team leader, the network technology department said that five criminal suspects who flowed out of the coin were located, and four were in the territory. I have been arrested by the local police station and I am about to transfer it. I will arrive tomorrow morning. The remaining one has already fled overseas and may have to go through other procedures. Five suspects, four people in the hacker circle 1 is a local technician of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence company. What is the company called Bodun."

"Great, this news is very timely. When these people are caught, the case is broken!" I was very excited, but then calmly said, "Wait, you just said that the well-known companies in the field of Internet of Things and artificial intelligence wave Shield? I know that my wife is working there, and the treatment is not bad."

"Bodun? Oh, I remembered. Some time ago, this company had a new product that was said to be very cattle. It was also named the most popular high-tech product of 2025, but the first batch was not publicly sold. It has only been given to many local wealthy and technical figures, as well as some of the company's employees," a young police officer continued.

"Oh, wave shield? The people in our blockchain circle are not optimistic about them, and the words are long." Joseph smiled. "The founder of Bodun seems to be the well-known doctor of the late financial circle. Dr. Sheng, Dr. Doom is also an honorary advisor to Bodun."

The case finally made important progress, and it was a little relieved. I looked at the tired team members and said, "You haven’t had a good night's sleep for more than a month. Today, everyone goes back to rest, raise their spirits, and tomorrow. We will try the suspect in the morning!"


Night half fright

It’s too late for me to return home, my wife has gone to sleep. I noticed the huge box in the corner, remembering that the last time the wife said that it was a new product of Bodun, and sent it to employees for welfare, because the busy has not been used.

Driven by curiosity, I opened the exquisite packaging and saw the instructions first. Originally, this is a robot called a smart home caregiver. The manual says that it is built by the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. It can be used for house cleaning through various sensors, including advanced operations such as dishwashing and cooking. I charged the user with the instructions and I asked the robot to clean the house we had not cleaned for a long time tonight, and then I went to sleep.

At about 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning, when the sky was bright, I suddenly heard the metal rubbing sound of "Reading Sasso" in my sleep. It seems that the sound came from the kitchen. Due to professional habits, I quickly put on a coat and walked through the corridor toward the kitchen.

When I walked to the kitchen door, I found that the nanny robot was grinding a kitchen knife in the kitchen. I thought that the nanny robot got up and cooked for breakfast early in the morning. It was really smart and he knew how to sharpen the knife.

I didn't notice the abnormality, yawned, turned and prepared to go back to sleep. Who knows that when I turned around, the robot behind it suddenly rushed up and made a yin and yang voice: "Slaughter your police who blocked my money…….."

"Ah!" I screamed. Realizing that I was unarmed at this time, definitely not the opponent of this huge iron guy, I immediately rushed to the corridor and prepared to run back to the bedroom to lock the door to resist the attack of the robot, but who knows that the corridor has not run to the end, and At this time, the robots in front of him were chasing after the kitchen knife…

Just as the robot slashed at me, I woke up and was sweating.

There are no cases, I am not a sheriff in 2025, now it is 2019! Back in reality, everything is just a dream, scared to death, probably because of the recent look at detective novels.


Falling out

When the shock was undecided, I was about to go back to sleep. The phone ringing, this time the real phone rang, it was the editor of the vernacular blockchain. I opened the phone and answered it with a weak voice. There was an urgent voice on the phone: "Old iron, all on Thursday, said the manuscript to be handed over last week. Is it written now?"

"Sorry, sorry, there is nothing to write about in the near future! Or do you recommend it to the recommendation?" I responded slyly.

"You look at the news, the doctor of the last day, and sprayed on Weibo. He is a long-term boycott of the blockchain. He is extremely pessimistic about cryptocurrencies and blockchains. You can see if you can write an article to refute refutations and the like. The editor in the phone said helplessly.

"Well, I think about it first…" I squinted and permeated, suddenly woke up and slammed openly. "What? You said Dr. Doom? Is that the chain of chains that is a scam?" I know! The case can finally be broken!"

"The god of the day, I don't know what you are talking about." The other party reluctantly hung up the phone.

I am energetic at this moment, picking up the laptop on the bed and starting to write that " the artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things without blockchain protection are absolutely impossible , because then the consequences are unimaginable. Imagine in the future, when you are asleep, your The enemy can even remotely control your home robot nanny to sharpen the knife in the middle of the night… Of course, you can also secretly get your cold wallet, take your private key and upload it to the controller in the faraway corner."

What is the modus operandi in this case? Why is the blockchain important for artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things? Welcome to leave a message in the message area.



『Declaration: This story is purely fictitious (including and not limited to the storyline, name, nickname, place name). Any similarity is purely coincidental. The article is an author's independent point of view, does not represent the vernacular blockchain position, and does not constitute any investment advice or advice.

Original: WJ; Source: vernacular blockchain

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