GST – June 19th, Rome, Italy, press conference, take you into the new era of immersive intelligent sharing

Artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain (Blockchain) are undoubtedly the most popular cutting-edge technologies. With the continuous development and innovation of the two technologies, the organic integration of the two technologies has long been an inevitable trend. With the most advanced technology to create the perfect user experience, GST is always at the forefront of the decentralized secure sharing architecture. GST is a comprehensive digital application platform combining blockchain and artificial intelligence technology. It is committed to providing each user with the most valuable intelligent digital asset service, creating a brand new GST digital public in a diversified market structure. Chain; At that time, the president of the Italian Rothschild Bank will share the GST public chain and artificial intelligence (AI) in Rome and Italy. In the future, we believe that the development potential of GST will be enormous!