Data show that in May, TRON active users fell by 16.48%, and monthly transaction volume increased by 21.5%.

According to RatingDapp data, in May, EOS/ETH/TRON's three mainstream public-chain platforms Dapps active users were EOS 240212, down 72.68% from the previous month; ETH 183665, up 33.38% from the previous month; TRON 265721, down 16.48% from the previous month. In terms of transaction volume, the EOS Dapp transaction volume in May was 107,642,177.5EOS, down 7.98% from the previous month; the ETH Dapp transaction volume was 1,279,580.5ETH, an increase of 4.36% from the previous month; the TRON Dapp transaction volume was 15,174,007,588.6TRX, up 21.5% from the previous month.