TokenGazer: Ethereum May monthly comment

This Eyrefang May monthly commentary is the paid update content of TokenGazer's official website ( at the end of May, adding a number of technical sections to help readers understand the current status of Ethereum in a more comprehensive and detailed manner. And the problem. The current TokenGazer project rating report, in-depth research report, and cryptocurrency monthly report have been included in the official website:

Since 2015, Ethereum has given many investors a good return and some investors have suffered losses.

The TokonGazer research team's price analysis for ETH since August 7, 2015 shows that ETH's daily rate of return is positively distributed and fat tailed. Specifically, the average daily yield of ETH is 0.4258%, the probability of positive daily return under long-term investment is 52.58%, and the probability of 95% yield is between -12.49% and 13.34%.

Historical data suggests that ETH is a high-risk asset; investing in it requires exploring its potential growth drivers.

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