The data shows that the Ethereum market value has entered a low range, and the “ICO of justice” may become its value growth point.

According to TokenGazer's official website quantitative model, the current Ethereum market value is $27,914.8M, which is lower than TokenGazer's valuation for Ethereum's $29,870.8M ~ $111,230.6M. A few days ago, Edgeware used Lockdrop to distribute the certificate, and locked the Ethereum to obtain the project certificate for free. TokenGazer made a corresponding strategy analysis on the official website: Lockdrop as a new initial distribution model of the pass, better balanced the broad and fair distribution, the potential for price increases, revenue maximization, compliance four main target. In less than three days, the Edgeware Lockdrop contract locked nearly 40,000 Ethereum, which is close to the net inflow of ICO in April. We may wish to call this model “ICO of Justice” – the project party will pass the pass to promote the development of its community in a reasonable way. If there are more projects to implement this model and lock in more Ethereum, then Ethereum prices will gain new impetus. ETH holders need to pay attention to the development trend of such “ICO of Justice”.