DeFi Weekly: DeFi project locks up to 1.31 billion US dollars, EOSREX market share further expanded

According to DeFi special page data, as of now, 21 DeFi projects have counted a total of 1.31 billion US dollars, including EOSREX locks 715 million US dollars, accounting for 54.6%, ranking first; Maker lock warehouse 4.43 billion US dollars, accounting for 33.81%, ranked second; Compound locks $ 28 million, accounting for 2.05%; Dharma, Bancor, Augur, xDai and other DeFi applications accounted for 9.39%. In the past week, as a whole: 1. The top 5 DeFi projects with faster growth rate were EOSREX, xDAI, Compound, EOSDT, Tokenlon; 2. The EOSREX 7-day lock position increased by 37.9%, and the market share further expanded; The recent performances of DEEX projects such as IDEX, Kyber and Uniswap are more brilliant. 4. The overall market size of DeFi continues to expand, and the total lock-in funds have increased by 15.63%.