Zhao Dong: 4000 US dollars is the bottom of BTC, rebound to 6000 US dollars will be back to confirm

Zhao Dong, the founder of DGroup, said in a circle of friends today that I guess a script from the bear market to the next bull market may not be correct. Let's see it together: This wave is basically 4,000 dollars, the rebound reaches about 6,000 dollars, and then returns. It takes about half a year to probe 4000 to confirm the bottom. Around the end of October, the bottom was again milled at around 5,000 knives. Before halving next year, it rose moderately to around $10,000. After halving, it plunged back to 6000 and 7,000 US dollars. Then the big bull market opened until 2021, reaching a height of 50,000-100,000 dollars (or even higher).