Aside from prejudice, talk about Voice, which is the new sustenance of BM social dreams.

At 7:00 am on June 2, Beijing time, the first anniversary of EOS was held as scheduled. This time, the conference was called the cleanest and most neat blockchain conference in history. At the beginning of the meeting, BM simply went straight to the topic after eating a few words from the melons. In just half an hour, the official announced four products: EOSIO 2, social product Voice, hardware product EOS yubico key, and cooperation with Coinbase. Educational products.

One of the most eye-catching is the social product Voice. Before the B1June conference, on May 27th, the EOS node "EOS New York" revealed another clue on Twitter: purchased RAM worth 3.3 million EOS. Suspected to pave the way for upcoming social products. As it turns out, the previous guess is completely reasonable. The user registration voice will get an EOS account for free without CPU and RAM. It can be seen that has high expectations for Voice.

"Although BM is doing things, we are still very disappointed."

After the press conference, the community was completely encircled. How much cake was painted by the community in the early stage, and how disappointing the user was. In the blockchain field, it is difficult to see that the project side releases major products and the currency price does not rise and fall. After the EOS conference, the EOS currency price ushered in a small decline.

Judging from the four major updates released, it is clear that the user's expectations have not been met. The most criticized of the four major products is the social product Voice.

"BM spent two months changing Steemit's code to the current Voice, just as he changed the BTS code to the current EOS. He is cheating." Anonymous EOS fans spit.

It is undeniable that the existing blockchain social platforms are quite numerous, and the existing blockchain social platforms such as Tianya, YOYO, ONO, currency, currency, pivot, and currency support are more or less present. Hey, the wool party, the user base is small, the activity is low, the content quality is not high, and the KOL is not enough. I have to admit that the phenomenon-level application we are expecting has not yet appeared.

The emergence of Voice may bring a new direction for blockchain socialization. From the information published so far, we outline the comparative advantages of Voice:

1. Free EOS account

2, a special identity verification system screens out the machine number

3. Products with social attributes can drive people from non-blockchains to participate.

4. Broad business prospects

5. Give participants fair exposure opportunities

6. The closed-loop consumption scenario enables the token to be recycled within the established scene.

In the four major product updates announced by the EOS conference, careful research can be found that B1 pays more attention to investor education and blockchain evangelism than how to raise prices. Whether it's an educational product that works with Coinbase or a copy of Steemit's Voice, it's more about growing the EOS community, the blockchain's sermons and communication.

The blockchain can only be self-embroidered by the farewell, and the industry will have the possibility of sustainable development.

Existing decentralized social platforms are difficult to take on

"Social is a good entry point, and Voice has the opportunity to become a phenomenal application, which makes blockchain technology a common life. We have always said that the blockchain world lacks killer applications, and Voice may be." EOS node Cypherglass CEO Rob Finch said in a media report at the press conference.

Above we said that Voice is not the first product to do blockchain socialization, and certainly not the last one. The essence of human beings is the sum of all social relations, and it is necessary to exchange information with the outside world every day. As WeChat has developed into China's first social platform, there are still many social products appearing every year, trying to get a piece of it from WeChat, because it is destined to be a big fat.

Every day we are shouting and decentralizing, but no blockchain company can leave the centralized social platform. As Rob Finch said, starting from social is a very good entry point. One problem is that social products are the most relevant category of humanity, and the demand is more difficult to grasp. This is why it has not been able to create a phenomenal decentralized social product in the blockchain field.

Analysis of existing blockchain social platforms

Blockchain Social Leader: BM Outcast Steemit

BM's new project Steemit, which was founded on the Steem blockchain after leaving the BTS, is the originator of most blockchain content platforms. Users can post articles and vote on Steemit to get tokens in existing blockchain content. Steemit's shadow can be seen more or less on the platform. The platform has just been released for one month, the number of users has increased by 6,000%, and the monthly activity has reached 75,000. As of May 2018, Steemit officially announced that the number of users on Steemit has exceeded 1 million.

In terms of multi-dimensionality, Steemit seems to have occupied the top position of the blockchain socialization. However, since the early platform was only involved in mining when the line was first launched, the concentration of the Steemit token was very high. Dozens of people account for more than 90% of the currency. Coincidentally, other social platforms that mimic the Steemit mechanism face similar problems.

Can you earn $1,000 in an article written by Steemit? This is not the case.

For novice users, Steemit's setup is very unfriendly. The motivation of the article is to reward the writer by the praise, comment and forwarding of the article. This also formed an old user's run on new users. The recommendation mechanism of the existing article is to use the praise and comments to determine the exposure of the post. The large V that settled in the previous stage formed its own small circle, and the mutual benefit was guaranteed by the small circle to help each other, and the chance of obtaining the exposure was almost zero. This has spawned a gray industry that is praised for its articles. You need a studio that specializes in praise or you can spend Steemit tokens in exchange for the exposure of the article. For a new user, it is very difficult to get more exposure opportunities at Steemit, and it is easy to form a seed user self-proclaimed, and the new user will never be in a state of embarrassment.

This is also the most criticized point of the current currency.

The blockchain social leader is still the same, how do we look at the domestic blockchain social products?

Source: Chain Tower Think Tank

The chain tower think tank has analyzed the existing blockchain social platforms in China, YOYOW, ONO, and Tianya. It turns out that most of the social platforms have similar operating modes, but they all have a lack of user base and poor content quality. The user has a problem of imperfect punishment mechanism, in addition to the Internet social platform of the transformation blockchain, the world. Other blockchain social products lack their own innovative models, and Copy's existing Internet platform is a serious phenomenon.

Why are EOS fans not optimistic about Voice?

After experiencing the test version of Voice, we found that this product is similar to Twitter and Facebook in terms of interface design.

According to Block one's vision, it will be a product that will benefit users. Based on EOS's huge user base, it can bring a certain initial flow to this product. Optimized for platform user quality assurance, using an authentication method to screen out the machine number, ensuring that every account is behind the real person.

Let BM say that Voice is a big one, and the EOS community is not optimistic about this product. We look at this issue from the perspective of investors:

Highly similar to BM's previous project Steemit

According to the currently announced incentive mechanism, it is basically the same as Steemit's reward model. Users can get the reward of Voice token by posting dynamic rewards, comments and sharing on the platform. The same user can purchase the article topping opportunity through Voice token. . As for how to prevent the inevitable "exposure protectionism" of the early users, it does not seem to give a clear solution.

Voice is really similar to Steemit, which is one of the reasons why EOS fans are dissatisfied.

Low correlation with EOS tokens

In addition to running on the protocol, Voice does not seem to have any substantial help in EOS value enhancement because it has its own platform token instead of EOS as a reward token. BM's vision of Voice didn't make the community see too many surprises, in addition to using Voice token as an incentive token. Does this mean that BM will issue a new currency? In view of the past performance of BM, EOS fans can't accept the BM re-issuance of new coins anyway.

Of course, there is also a very important reason. When the referee is a player and competes with Dapp on the EOS blockchain, the developer's intention is difficult to avoid.

Why did BM launch a product that is highly similar to the abandoned Steemit?

According to TopDapp data, there are currently 547 Dapps in the EOS blockchain, of which 279 are in the Dapp, and 24 in the high-risk spinach project. The spinach project in the Dapp project with the top ten active and trading volume accounts for 70%. Ranked second is the blockchain porn project Hash Baby.

Food gambling also, yellow gambling has always been a temptation that humans can hardly resist. EOS has taken two big heads, although this type of project can bring the entire ecological prosperity to a certain extent. Cheng also Xiao He, defeated Xiao He, the embarrassment of Ethereum in the past due to gambling projects also occurred on EOS. In the past year, the gaming project on EOS has almost become a hacker's cash machine. According to our incomplete statistics, from February 2018 to February 2019, Dapp hackers on EOS lost up to 1 million EOS.

Partial EOS Dapp stolen money between December 2018 and February 2019

The security problem of the EOS blockchain has become one of the major problems that need to be solved at present. The frequent occurrence of the money-cutting incident has weakened the enthusiasm of the developers to a certain extent, and the EOS ecology, which is highly dependent on the gaming Dapp, has too much uncertainty. Sex, it is also a weakness in the richness of Dapp.

This move by B1 may not be wise for many EOS communities. In fact, if Voice succeeds in helping it get rid of the high dependence on gambling and pornography, it will positively promote the healthy development of EOS ecology. The long-term development of the EOS blockchain must be free of the current state of high reliance on gambling.

Develop the EOS community

Earlier we mentioned that two of the four products announced by EOS are facing ordinary people. How to involve ordinary people in the construction of blockchain is a problem that blockchain practitioners need to solve. The educational product with Coinbase aims to open up the EOS market, while the social product Voice is a long-term plan to drain EOS. When more and more people use Voice, let's not forget that Voice registration will give away an EOS account for free. Voice and EOS are mutually complementary.

Secondly, it is not only conducive to the development of the EOS community, but also conducive to bringing blockchain knowledge to more ordinary people. This is undoubtedly a positive evangelistic work.

The difficulty of Steemit

BM's former blockchain social product Steemit is now a template for the social networking platforms of major blockchains, followed by a number of replicas but none of them can surpass it. Maybe BM had a social dream, trying to build a blockchain Facebook. When BM was in Steemit's operation, BM and Steemit CEO Ned had many wars. As for the real reason for leaving Steem, he might only have him. I know it myself.

If it is really because of the disagreement with Ned, which leads to the social dream, then Voice may be the new sustenance of his social dream.

It is true that a series of products released by the EOS conference will not see any promotion of the EOS currency price in the short term. In the long run, it may bring you huge surprises.

“EOS investors are the time to think about whether to give up or wait for a long time.”

Source: Chain to Finance

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