Financial Times: Passing blockchain value should be oriented to service entities

On June 3, the Financial Times published an article entitled "Transmitting Blockchain Value Should Be Service-Oriented." The article points out that in the past two years, China's blockchain technology innovation capability has continued to improve. Combined with quality traceability, digital deposit certificate, credit network, value innovation and other application scenarios, many blockchain patent technologies have been developed and landed. From the perspective of development trends, domestic technology companies, Internet companies and other companies with strong technical capabilities are the main force in laying out global blockchain patents. The article stated that the underlying technology of the blockchain has not been mature enough, and the related supporting infrastructure has not been perfected. The enterprise cannot quickly and effectively put the blockchain technology into various business scenarios. However, after years of exploration and innovation, as more and more large technology companies and entities join, the technology solutions with blockchain as the core will be more widely used in various scenarios. Finally, the article points out that as more and more technology companies pay attention to blockchain technology, more and more industries introduce blockchain solutions, how to make blockchain technology perfect and implement it, how to pass cutting-edge technology in the true sense Effectively serving the real economy, how to improve their comprehensive strength, and have more comprehensive heritage and technical capabilities, is still a long-term exploration path for the industry.