BM will transfer the steem to the EOS. Is it good or false?

After BM's six-month "super-good" momentum in EOS, the EOS conference was held in Washington on the morning of June 2nd. The original conference was expected to take 2 hours, but it took a half-hour. When the EOS currency price was fully released to the high point in the early stage, it also entered the downtrend channel with the end of the press conference, and fell by nearly 10% in a short time. The currency friends shouted and said that the good is good?

EOS conference review

Although the press lasted less than half an hour and the news was less than expected, Blockone (EOS project party, hereinafter referred to as B1) still announced four things.

1. Announce the Coinbase Earn, a blockchain education channel provided by Coinbase. Users can earn EOS rewards by learning different blockchain knowledge. Each class can get up to $10 EOS reward. It is expected to be B1 unlocked EOS every year. One of the uses;

2, the launch of the EOSIO virtual machine EOSVM new version, 12 times faster than the original;

3, the hardware YubiKey is launched, EOS users can use YubiKey to sign the chain transaction through WebAuthn;

4. Release the social product Voice.

In fact, the more serious is the social product Voice, which is related to the fact that B1 spent 3.3 million EOS in the previous few days to buy 27% of the memory in the EOS network, resulting in a 200% surge in RAM prices.

B1CEO BB said: “The design of today's social platforms is to benefit from using their own users. The content we create, personal information and interest are the most valuable information on the social platform. Now, the platform uses this information to profit. Instead of giving back to the users themselves, the design of existing social products determines that these platforms need to be profitable in this way, and users receive push messages that are full of advertisements. The emergence of Voice is to change the status quo."

BM added on Twitter's live broadcast after the conference. On Voice, EOS will provide EOS account for free. Users do not need to pay for RAM, CPU, etc., because B1 account will provide these resources for users. This proves the use of B1 to purchase large amounts of RAM.

Voice into steem on EOS

Anyone who knows BM knows that his three famous works are bit stock, steem and EOS.

Despite the vision of Steem's white papers, such as the addition of the Steem blockchain feature, any entrepreneur, developer or community builder is allowed to launch their own customizable STEEM coin at the top of the Steem blockchain and become a 1CO, automated market maker. , the distribution of the independent currency, the founder currency, etc. provide specific smart contracts.

However, as far as the current situation is concerned, steem is still a social platform based on blockchain reward content creators. In general, it is a social network that is very valuable for posting, and Voice is similar to steem, more specifically , Voice is a replica of steem on EOS.

At present, steem is going downhill. Steem's market share in the secondary market is declining, the heat is gradually dissipating, and the performance is also flawed. At this time, the introduction of Voice by EOS can make steem reborn and set off another wave. Inspur, do 1+1>2, that is, EOS has real application landing, Voice borrows heat to make social heat come back, BM is playing a good card!

Is the blockchain socially good or pseudo-demand?

The current social media platform is designed to use the user to serve the company, the user generates content, user behavior generates data, the user pays attention to the content, pays time and attention. These most valuable content, data and attention are transformed into profits by the company.

Traditional social media provides convenience and free service for users' communication and content acquisition. At the same time, users also exchange their most valuable things.

In the middle of the Internet era, social freeness has become widespread, and more emphasis is on experience and benefits. For example, thousands of articles written by media people have been sent to a self-media platform, and only a small portion of the revenue earned by the platform is returned. To the creators, not even; the audience read a few thousand words of articles, carried out a series of promotion, and did not get the corresponding return.

This is the demand, the most fundamental point of change from the media, and the basis for realizing the sharing economy. Whoever contributes should get a return, and Voice is to solve this problem and turn social media into the user's own media, not for The company gets social services for profit services.

Therefore, although Voice shows no innovation based on the existing data, it still contributes to the application of the blockchain. From the current DAPP market, once the Voice is launched, it will become one of the few applications that have to be said. The EOS chain of spinach DAPP will also have a major impact!

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