The data shows that the activity of the Ethereum chain has decreased.

According to Tokenview data, the transaction volume of Ethereum in the past 24 hours was 3042931.03 ETH, up 83.85% from 24 hours ago. The number of transactions on the chain in the past 24 hours was 892,395, up 1.62% year-on-year. In the past 24 hours, Ethereum has a total of 340 large-scale transfers of more than 1000 ETH, an increase of 136.11% over the previous day. The number of active addresses decreased by 9.04% from the previous day, and the number of new addresses increased by 14.41% from the previous day. Affected by large-value transfers, the transaction volume of the Ethereum chain surged, but the overall activity and new inflows decreased compared with the seven-day average. The market outlook needs to consolidate its reserves to break through.