The data shows that the cryptocurrency IEO financing in May rose more than 6 times, and the market accounted for over 90%.

According to Coin Schedule data, in May, the total financing amount of ICO, IEO, and STO in the cryptocurrency market reached US$1.218 billion, an increase of 402.9% from April. Among them, IEO financing amounted to 1.133 billion US dollars, not only accounted for 93% of the overall data in May, and rose by 628.71% compared with April's 155 million US dollars. STO's financing amount of US$14.24 million in May increased by 917.14% compared with last month ($1.4 million), but the data only accounted for 1% of the total in May; ICO's financing amounted to US$71.31 million, accounting for the overall 6%, but still down 16.52% from April ($85.43 million).