BM: Voice's independent value proposition will not be eroded, Voice token is not a fixed supply

BM interacted with the telegraph group last night to answer some questions from the members of the Voice platform. 1. Members mentioned that if the Voice token can be purchased then the platform's independent value proposition will be eroded, and the big advertiser will settle in and take a lot of visibility. BM: It will not be eroded and everyone has equal rights to be heard. People only have the right to transfer and sell. 2. Members mentioned that advertisers and marketing agencies will recruit influential people on the web, that users' tokens will be purchased in bulk, and visibility will be owned by those with the most capital. BM: The benefit of UBI is that influential people can't keep their influence, especially when they use their Voice, they burn the token. Tokens are designed to ensure that people remain in control over time, and if they give up control they are paid. 3. Is the Voice token a fixed supply? BM: No. 4. Do you think Voice is a URI? BM: Yes. 5. If Steem can pass KYC without regulations, why not use BM's unique identity solution to replace the government ID. BM: Because there is a centralization factor. 6. Build On EOS represents a huge consistency between B1 and EOS extensions.