Sun Yuchen: This time I can finally eat a big waist with the stock god.

In the early morning of June 4th, Beijing time, the founder of the wave field, Sun Yuchen, officially issued a message on social media to take a Buffett lunch. In a flash of screen friends circle, countless people flocked to praise Sun Yuchen to make a great contribution to the popularization of cryptocurrency, is the leader of the blockchain industry, even when Sun Yuchen and Buffett eat, teach the father how to buy coins, probably Even Sun has never thought of it. For 30 years, I have been waiting for this day to be so fast.

From the beginning of Xiao Sun, he decided to become a successful person, so that he shouted:

" Be sure to be the first. If you can't be the first in a field, change one now ."

In fact, he has changed countless fields, but in every industry, the most eye-catching label is “plagiarism”.

In 2010, after applying for a year in advance at Peking University, in the second autumn, Sun entered the University of Pennsylvania. In less than a month in the United States, he founded the New Youth in accordance with Chen Duxiu’s New Youth. In less than half a month, he was accused of plagiarism. Sun’s "Veterans are not dead, 1949" and "One Million in 1989" are highly similar. They were asked by the original author to apologize, and under the panic, Sun disappeared and disappeared a few days later. "My Final Statement", denying plagiarism, said that only the style of writing is relatively similar and similar, and there is no apology, and finally it is no longer.

Coincidentally, in 2016, Li Xiaolai got the app to launch the column “The Road to Freedom of Freedom”. Only a year later, Sun and the Himalaya cooperated with the “Road of Freedom and Revolution”, and advertised the ambition to extract wealth. Sun scoured the first pot of gold in Bitcoin, which attracted people. He emphasized that he was the only post-90 entrepreneur and the "Ma Yun disciple" at Lakeside University, in order to shape his star aura. In fact, the ultimate goal is The best thing is to boast the value of the wave field.

The wave field in his mouth was full of controversy when he started crowdfunding in July 2017.

From the ICO raised funds are too big to be questioned, 94 resolutely do not refund the currency, unilaterally tearing up the agreement with the Martians to sell super cash, and then to the Ethereum founder accused the wave field white paper plagiarism Ethereum debate, and then to the wave field before COO Liu Ming lively accused Sun of "breaking the letter".

In a live broadcast in 2018, Liu Ming said: Although Sun has the aura of entrepreneurial stars and the title of the chief representative of Ruibo Greater China, he has no knowledge of the blockchain industry. Even the wavefield white paper is Liu Ming himself. The prepared gravity chain has been slightly modified on the infrastructure, and the warehouse promotes fundraising.

The most exaggerated is that Sun’s concept of the standard ERC20, which was originally issued on the smart contract platform Ethereum, did not make it clear, and dared to issue 100 billion wave fields, which surprised Liu Ming.

In the internal meeting of the wave field, Sun believes that if the wave field raises 200 million yuan, it will only be qualified, the financing of 250 million is better, and the financing of 300 million is called excellent.

Sun Jianxin once the funds raised are privately owned, not others, even if you are Liu Ming.

After the final financing of the wave field was completed, a total of 4,000 bitcoins were raised and all of them were sold. Liu Ming was shocked when he learned that Sun had turned all the bitcoins into French currency. Is this the call for blockchain revolution on the platform, and believe that the decentralized believers have done things?

Sun brought Liu Ming not only to be surprised, but also to be scared.

On the day when the central bank and other seven ministries jointly stopped ICO 94, Sun Gang had a live broadcast in South Korea. He even said that he did not refund the money. Liu Ming was scared of cold sweat in the country because almost all the bitcoins raised were controlled by Sun. With the money back, Liu Ming will be placed on the cusp.

In the end, under the persuasion of the currency, he agreed to return the coin. However, because the private placement of bitcoin had been sold, Sun played the idea of ​​super cash. Earlier, Sun and Martian exchanged TOKEN. Each holds the other's chips, and thus does not hesitate to take the extra cash to make up for the deficit. It also caused dissatisfaction with the Martian people, and even publicly and grandson called the board, which was so raging at the time.

Liu Ming’s final outcome was only obtained from the market value of 10W wave currency at that time. Liu Ming felt a great insult. From then on, the two broke.

After the release of the refund statement, Sun continued to promote the wave field project. On October 2, 2017, the wave market went online to the overseas exchange. The market price was 1 cent, just the issue price. Since the wave has already been repurchased, most of the chips They are all in the hands of the wave field team, or simply say in the hands of Sun, Sun is thinking: the meat that is spit out must be eaten back twice .

God seems to hear the cry of the Sun.

With the continuous rise in bitcoin prices in November 2017, the wave market has been on the line of the currency exchange, but the price has been sideways. Because there are not many chips in the market, the wave field has also stepped up marketing. Until mid-December, the wave field of the high-control panel has been continuously pulled up, from 1 to 3 points, and after a part of the profit-taking, it continues to rise. In just ten days, it actually reached the position of 3 Mao. At that time, the whole market was in a state of madness, and the retail investors poured into the market. After ten days of sideways shipments, all the way to triumphantly from 3 mules to 2 yuan in the highest level of history, the volume of transactions burst, everyone is stunned, probably Sun did not think that their wave field can be less than a month Time has skyrocketed 200 times.

After pulling to the high position, it must be shipped. The wave field team passed the currency security and LIQUI exchange, and cashed nearly 300 million US dollars, accounting for 6 thousandth of the total number of TOKEN. Afterwards, it also issued a statement saying that the currency held by the team is at the lock position. In, there is no cash.

Subsequently, the price of the currency fell by 20%, and all the way down, the wave field and other cryptocurrencies opened the long way.

On the 6th of April, 2018, on the occasion of the launch of the main network of the wave field, Sun on the Twitter publicly called Ethereum, enumerating the seven reasons why the wave field is better than Ethereum.

As a result, the message of V God was screamed: "The eighth reason should be added, and the efficiency of TRX copying is much higher than the original one."

After being angered by V God, Sun Yuchen wrote on Weibo that “I am grateful to Vitalik for commenting on the wave field. The wave field has benefited a lot from Ethereum, and Ethereum has also inspired us to develop a better platform.

Where does V God know that his reply is in the midst of Sun Yat-sen, and public opinion has enabled the wave field to sit down with the Ethereum seat. Later, Sun Dazhao preached the determination of the wave field to challenge Ethereum.

In fact, when Sun was doing community operations at Ruibo, he was sorry for the community route of Ethereum and Ethereum.

Sun thought at the time:

When Ethereum raised money, we were despised at the time, saying that they were illegally raising funds, and it was the work of cutting the leeks."

Even the joke V God is definitely not able to get money in the mainstream investment to be forced to go to the community to finance fraud, and even said that smart contracts can not be loopholes.

Since Ethereum took off from ICO, the impact on Sun was even more direct. Sun described it as: "It’s like Liang Qichao suddenly awakened. Every day, every day, four books and five classics, every day, foreigners can’t do it. As a result, the Opium War lost so badly, that kind of impact.

Sun Ruliang has been awakened, and a foreigner of V God can raise funds to do Ethereum. He naturally does, not only has to issue one, but has to be always cool.

In February 2018, the currency circle baptized by the bear market for a year was broken by the announcement of the currency. The currency announced by the company that the joint release of Launchpad was released was the BitTorrent acquired by Sun. For a time, the silence of the currency circle was broken. After 15 minutes of buying, the BTT share was snapped up, and the BTT was up 10 times in 10 days.

Backed by the big tree, it is good to enjoy the cold, and the currency is used as an endorsement. The BTT currency naturally rises up and cuts a leek, and naturally it will not stop.

This time, no one is forcing the Sun to retreat. It is possible to hold the raised funds with a bright future and to open the ebay website to create the highest price of $456.788 million in Buffett’s charity lunch auction.

This time, I can finally eat a big waist with the "stock god".

Three days after the illusion, the bidder was announced as the wave field & BTT founder Sun Yuchen, and various financial media rushed to report.

At this moment, he stood at the highest point of life, enjoying the pursuit of being worshipped by the gods, and the soaking voices of the retail investors came from the corner.