Santander and eBay team up to launch a loan app, or benefit XRP

On June 4th, Ripple's partner Santander announced that it will partner with eBay to launch an app called "Asto" designed to serve more than 200,000 small businesses using eBay, an online retail site. Asto is part of Santander's €20 billion technology investment plan, which is expected to be implemented within four years. Previously, Santander had partnered with Ripple to launch a Ripple-centric cross-border remittance application called OnePay FX. As of now, Santander's services such as OnePay FX have not yet announced the use of XRP. However, we cannot rule out this possibility. If Santander uses XRP, eBay's new loan service will also use XRP to connect eBay to Ripple.