In May 2019, the blockchain industry financing amounted to 1.229 billion yuan, a decrease of 8.2% from the previous month.

According to the incomplete statistics of the Inter-Chain Pulse Institute, in May 2019, a total of 41 financings were obtained in the global blockchain field, with a total financing amount of 1.229 billion yuan, a decrease of 8.2% from the previous month. The data shows that in May 2019, China's blockchain project financing ranked first, and a total of 17 blockchain projects completed financing, but only three projects disclosed the amount of financing, the total amount of financing was only 0.51 billion yuan. . The number of financing in the United States ranked second, with a total of 13 blockchain projects receiving financing, with a financing amount of 1.071 billion yuan, almost the same as in April. In addition, from the perspective of industry distribution, the most popular blockchain projects in May focused on the three major areas of basic service providers, exchanges and public chains, with a total of 724 million yuan, 181 million yuan and 1. 3.8 billion yuan in financing. It is worth mentioning that the data shows that the global blockchain sector received 37 financings in April, with a total financing of 1.339 billion yuan, a decrease of 69.7% from the previous month. In contrast, the financing situation in May performed better.