Reddit one user accuses Coinbase of secretly changing bank transfer terms

On June 4th, Reddit user TNGSystems said that in the past, when transferring money (deposit) to Coinbase through the bank, it will arrive in one hour, and then it will be deposited into GDAX (now Coinbase Pro) and then transferred to Binance or For other addresses, if you transfer £100, the overall cost is about 15p. Coinbase currently locks the funds received for five days, during which time users cannot transfer funds to any other address, even their Coinbase Pro account. It further pointed out that the only option was to convert the funds directly into ETH or BTC at Coinbase, but this would incur a 4% fee. As of now, the post has received more than 100 responses. In response, the Coinbase support team said the move was to effectively prevent any potential fraudulent activity, so users could not withdraw the funds or transfer them out of Coinbase within 5 days of deposit.