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Dai Yue, the CEO of the real estate network, the domain name, is the most popular person with the 2 letter domain name in the world, and is known as the “Buffett” by the domain name circle.

d Dai Yue From the first year to the third grade of college, Dai Yue is doing small business at school, selling campus cards, bicycles, mobile phone numbers, and starting to pay attention to domain names by selling mobile phone numbers.

“The domain name is my sideline business. In fact, my main business is still starting a business. I have done a lot of projects, including mobile phone number trading websites, local recruitment websites, local real estate websites, and now all three are sold. In 2011, I made a national real estate. Website, real estate network. I started to buy and sell domain names since 2004. For more than ten years since I started my business, the domain name has always been with me. These years may have experienced many lows, including funding problems, but the domain name has saved me.” Dai Yue Say.

In early May of 2019, Dai Yue wore a big logo T-shirt printed with "" to Hangzhou. I heard that Dai Yuetian bought this multi-letter domain name. His domain name business in the currency circle was also booming. Every domain name sold was expensive, so he invited him to "8 questions". Talk about him and the story of the currency.

Dai Yue told me that in order to let others see the "" on the clothes, he even happily walked from the train to the end of the train, a walking billboard. So what is the price of “” that Dai Yue acquired in early 2018?

“It took more than 1 million US dollars to acquire “”. After the acquisition, I made a domain name company. Because I signed a confidentiality agreement, I can’t say how much. But the company’s initial valuation is one hundred million. "Dai Yue told me."

Dai Yue, who has been busy with real estate management and domain name trading, how did he learn about this industry?

"The domain name circle and the currency circle have common people, such as the insect brother, Nangongyuan, so the information is interoperable. In fact, I have always had a coin circle on WeChat, but I have never touched it from beginning to end. Until 2017, I sent a circle of friends. I said that I have a particularly good domain name that supports Bitcoin payments. At the time, the domain name was seen and I traded with 300 bitcoins."

"That was the first time I held Bitcoin, and I didn't know how to buy or sell. So let Zhao Dong help sell it. Zhao Dong advised me not to sell, saying that it would go up. If the funds are not enough, I can mortgage Bitcoin to them. But at that time, I was not familiar with the industry. I didn’t listen to Zhao Dong’s advice, or sold it. At that time, it was 9.4. Two months later, Bitcoin rose to 2 W dollars, so that the domain name earned two less. 30 million. In fact, this is because they have no faith, or that they do not know enough." Dai Yue said.

In 2017, Dai Yue met Zhao Dong because of the transfer of the coffee shop. At that time, when Zhao Dong gave Dai Yue a bitcoin, Dai Yue did not feel anything.

"It's not that he didn't talk well because I didn't want to touch this thing at the time. This is the inertia of investment. I have been playing domain names for years and I think the domain name is quite good. Many people have their own investment channels. Therefore, I am not willing to contact other investment channels. I recently knew a real estate speculator. He would not want to contact Bitcoin. He saw that I would like to contact the domain name every day. I was because I sold the domain name and sold it to the currency. I only entered this circle, and I still need someone to influence them."

"Additionally, there is a saying that the middle-aged products have been harvested in the past two years. In fact, they were all harvested in strange areas. I sold a lot of domain names in the currency circle and changed them into coins. I sold them in time and was harvested. In fact, the cash out was quite good at the time, and I didn’t cash out. I didn’t know the shortcomings. I sold it at the time when “9.4” was not supposed to be sold. Later, because of this lesson, I didn’t sell it when I sold it. This is a cognitive problem, but also a tuition fee. I also want to be a leek."

In 2018, Dai Yue sold domain names in the currency circle, accepting digital currency payments, and holding thousands of bitcoins at most. In the same year, he invested 30-40 projects and exchanges. Dai Yue felt that he was harvested in the late 2018.

"I have pledged Bitcoin. I am not playing a contract. The contract may become zero. My pledge has fallen. I hope that I will learn from this experience of harvesting. I will not learn to use it. In the future, if you With a lot of coins, I suggest that you can still do some asset allocation, whether it is real estate or domain name, or overseas assets, because the digital currency market is still very volatile today, don't put the eggs in a basket." Dai Yue said.

But Dai Yue still believes that he will change many domain names into coins.

"I believe that so many good domain names in my hand will still be valued by the currency, and there will still be many people who use Bitcoin to exchange domain names with me. But I am only willing to accept mainstream digital currencies such as BTC, ETH, EOS, etc. ”

"There are thousands of domain names and thousands of coins, but the big winners are still the most mainstream. I basically only vote for ".com". Although the investment domain name will increase many times, it has no liquidity. If I take the altcoin, I can't sell it, and I will soon depreciate, so I am willing to accept mainstream currency exchange domain names."


Dai Yue said that he participated in many domestic and international blockchain conferences last year and saw the blockchain technology blossoming around the world. However, he mainly focused on the currency when he participated in the summit. For the blockchain to be blocked, Dai Yue will pay more attention to the domain name and blockchain.

"The real world and the Internet world are too strong. Now the blockchain domain name system is difficult to subvert the traditional domain name system. And there are two definitions of the blockchain definition. One thinks that the blockchain is an extension of the Internet. It is the value of the Internet; the other is that the blockchain will subvert the Internet, it is not the Internet. I recognize the first point. If the blockchain is an extension of the Internet, traditional domain names are valuable in the blockchain. There are two types of domain names in the blockchain, one is a traditional domain name, such as a ".com", which may be opened later with Ethereum or other wallets, which can shorten the wallet address. If this domain name can be browsed The access inside the device can also be accessed in the public chain. This domain name will be more valuable."

"In turn, if the domain name in the public chain can't be accessed in the browser, this domain name is of little value. Because the public chain is more powerful, it is still beyond the traditional Internet with billions of Internet users today. We are in the traditional world. I have already seen that so many domain names have spent so much money on ".com"." Dai Yue said.

"It is reported that some people have invested in 100,000 Ethereum domain names, but none of them have been sold. Last year EOS's domain name was very hot, and it was auctioned every day. Some good domain names even sold to millions. But today I found that more and more people are not talking about this. Because it has no application scenarios, it is weakened without application scenarios, and it is useless."

"Now the domain name in the blockchain is not used by so many people, it can't reflect the value. Maybe it will be up in 5 years and 10 years. And there is no special demand for the address of a wallet. It takes a lot of money to buy a domain name to simplify. After all, most of the money-holding users do not have much money. Most of the coins are in the hands of a small number of users. Maybe 10% of them hold 90% of the bitcoin assets, so most retail investors do not need to simplify the domain name. If the domain name is not used by enough people, the domain name is not worthwhile. But if all the public domain name systems in the future support the browser's domain name, there is no need to engage in the domain name in the blockchain."

Dai Yue added: "This is nothing more than a technical problem, technology can solve, you are willing to use technology to solve small problems, or re-push to the domain name system? To re-launch a domain name system, there must be some vested interests. This thing has no benefit to me. Why do I push this system? You can't have as many interests as traditional domain names. You don't have the money to educate users to use this domain name."

Dai Yue came to Hangzhou to visit a lot of blockchain companies, the purpose is to exchange and get more information.

“Because the blockchain is a very frontier industry, the sunrise industry, although we are doing traditional Internet, our traditional Internet companies can also be combined with the blockchain. Can make them have more blockchain thinking or Innovative thinking, in fact the concept of blockchain or currency, still has a lot of help for the Internet."

Dai Yue emphasized at the end of the interview with "8 Questions":

"The blockchain is the same as the 5G. It is a track. Now we have seen some phenomena of Huawei. In fact, it is also a 5G dispute. 5G China may still fall in the US. The Internet is actually flattened by the United States, but the block. The development time of chain China and the United States is actually similar. I hope that China's blockchain enterprises can be better than American companies. The role of the media here is very important because in addition to the need for more actors, more needs are needed. Audience."

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