Analysis: Bitcoin has performed well in the past few months, crowning "the king of asset classes"

On June 4th, in view of the excellent performance of Bitcoin in recent months, the analysis company Delphi Digital called it the "king of asset class" in recent market commentary. After assessing the return on Bitcoin’s earnings for four consecutive months, the company said, “Because many other asset classes are generally weak, the excellent performance of Bitcoin in May is particularly important.” Further explanation of the long, current public stock market Worrying, the data shows that Bitcoin has completely suppressed other asset classes this year, including the yen, gold and WTI crude oil. Contrary to its recent history, Bitcoin is currently largely unaffected by other risky asset sell-offs, although market volatility expectations are rising. It is still too early to announce the victory, but the irrelevant features of the BTC have so far proved to be correct.