Research: Monroe's “family” mining has become unprofitable, and hard forks have caused their computing power to drop or incur 51% of attacks.

On June 4th, the company reported recently that the Monroe coin had a hard fork in March to limit ASIC mining, which may have some negative effects. The first is the sharp decline in computing power, which is expected. This puts the Monroe currency at risk of being attacked by 51%. On the other hand, with the new dominant GPU mining model and CPU miners taking over the network, the block time has also increased. It follows that any implementation that is highly relevant to the block in the future will be delayed, further extending the current state and creating a vicious circle. The report also pointed out that for a period of time, this will lead to higher profits in the mining of the Monroe block. The report further concluded that the Monroe “family” miners would be unprofitable, which means that ASICs and automated mines may continue to emerge. The recent bull market trend in the encryption market will make digging mining a more profitable area, and it is only a matter of time before developers can produce new ASICs for mining.