Pilot demonstration project of network security technology application of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, two blockchain listed companies were selected

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China on June 4th, in order to implement the "Network Security Law", promote the innovation and application of network security technology, and improve the development level of the network security industry, the Ministry of China organized a pilot project for the application of network security technology. Recommended work. Through the unit declaration, local recommendation, expert review, online publicity and other links, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has identified 101 pilot projects for network security technology application. It is worth noting that 101 pilot demonstration projects include six blockchain projects. Among them, Aerospace Information Co., Ltd., which is based on the blockchain-based electronic invoicing system, and Shanda Diwei Software Co., Ltd., the “Government Alliance Blockchain Government Information Trusted Delivery Platform”, are listed companies.