BM: Voice will start in phases this summer; haven't decided whether to ban US users from using Voice

On June 4th, BM continued to answer community questions about Voice in the telegraph group. The main points are as follows: 1. Why does Voice prohibit US users from using it? BM reply: At present, we have not decided whether to prohibit US users from using Voice. The legal documents you see are only one of our most conservative options, and we have not made a final decision. We hope that Voice will pass the compliance approval when it goes online. 2. Some people have asked that Voice is decentralized, and the US government cannot prevent or review it. BM Re: (on the review side) they may face technical challenges, but they can punish the person who created the product (referred to as B1). The authentication system will have some factors for centralized verification. Our best expectation is trust, but it is verified in a transparent way. 3. What can be disclosed about how to conduct KYC? BM: We are working on several technologies and are negotiating with third-party KYC vendors in different jurisdictions. I can't reveal any information until I have completed all the work; 4. When will Voice be launched? BM replies: It will be launched in phases starting this summer.