Received a reward of 7002 bitcoins, and the former CTO of Ruibo lost the private key.

In the recently concluded AMA event, Ripple's former CTO Stefan Thomas praised Ripple's InterLedger technology, and the price of the Ripple XRP has recently increased.

The Ripple supporter said at the beginning of the AMA that he joined Ripple in 2012 after two years of work and added that he is the "What is Bitcoin?" video and the author of the BitcoinJS project.

However, Stefan continues to say that although he hopes to promote the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin, the inherent limitations of the BTC blockchain make him bored. However, at Ripple, he was able to create a new version of the blockchain that is better than the Bitcoin blockchain. “When I was there, we built a blockchain that was 200 times faster than Bitcoin, 1,000 times cheaper, and much more energy efficient,” he wrote.

The Ripple CTO lost 7002 bitcoins

Thanks to Ripple's current CTO, David Schwartz, revealed some things before Stefan's AMA. The encryption community now knows that the former CTO lost a lot of BTCs. David also hinted that Stefan might have encountered "aliens with super powers." Stefan did admit that the loss of BTC, lost a total of 7002 bitcoins, which is based on "What is Bitcoin? "This video received a reward. However, he lost his private key and he said that the chances of retrieving these coins were minimal.

"In this AMA, you can ask him about the loss of thousands of bitcoins and aliens with extraordinary abilities. Or ILP and Coi. That's OK. – David Schwartz, May 30, 2019 ”

The former Ripple CTO did answer questions about XRP, trading, pizza and programming, and his quarrel with BTC, who was an early advocate of BTC. Stefan used to try to convince as many people as possible that Bitcoin is not feasible and Ripple is the answer to the blockchain problem.

He said that XRP trading is easier than BTC. He also said that the currency is not the problem, but its payment agreement is the problem. Some of the major flaws in Bitcoin are transaction latency, energy usage, and geographic centralization, and XRP solves these problems with InterLedger technology.

Ripple InterLedger technology is the key to interoperability

Evan Schwartz, XPring's chief engineer, published a media blog post on XRP's InterLedger website, in which he said that InterLedger's innovation was born to address the blockchain's neutrality. The lack of interoperability between different blockchain platforms not only limits the free movement of cryptographic assets, but also limits payments on other gateways such as PayPal, Apple or Visa.

Therefore, Schwartz goes on to say that InterLedger is the answer to the question “What would a global network for sending value independent of any company or currency look like?” InterLedger's core protocol was completed in 2017, when it was primarily used to transfer encrypted assets across platforms and to stream micropayments. Through InterLedger's connector, its users can trade on their favorite network without having to transfer assets to the exchange or any specific blockchain.