Sun Yuchen responded to the media: I would like to invite Li Lin V God to go to Buffett luncheon, hoping to amend Buffett's value investment theory

According to the Beijing News, in the early morning of June 4, the founder of the wave field, Sun Yuchen, confirmed the previous rumors in his personal Weibo. He photographed Buffett’s 20th Anniversary Charity at a record price of $45,668,800 (over RMB 31 million). Luncheon. In this regard, Sun Yuchen responded to the media: The most important topic of the luncheon is to revise Buffett's value investment theory. At present, Buffett is biased against cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. He hopes that Buffett will let Buffett understand the blockchain and cryptocurrency. At present, the charity lunch time agreed with Buffett is in the third quarter, and the location is initially set to San Francisco. It is planned to invite Wu Jihan from the mainland, Li Lin and V God to participate. In addition, Sun Yuchen denied the reporter's "hype" and said that he missed the auction for the reason, but Sun Yuchen said, "I don't expect to reverse or change his opinion. It is impossible to change in three hours. This luncheon is an exchange meeting. ".