BAT same PK blockchain: Ant's way, Baidu's device, Tencent's use

Entering 2019, it has become a general consensus on the development of blockchains in the industry. When entrepreneurs are working on the use of blockchain service entities, they are also inseparable from the guidance of the thinking tools.

The so-called Tao, refers to values; the so-called surgery, refers to the methodology; the so-called device, refers to the tool; the so-called use, refers to practice. From "there is no way, the surgery is still available, there is no way to stop the surgery," and "the work must be sharpened first," and it can be seen that "the use of the Taoist device" has something for people to do. Guiding significance.

At the 2019 China Blockchain Technology and Application Summit Forum hosted by the China Computer Society (CCF) on June 2, BAT (Baidu, Ant Financial, Tencent) three Internet giants gathered together to discuss how the blockchain Can be a real economy. Babbitt tried to interpret the speeches of the guests from the perspective of "the use of the instrument."

Road: The ant block chain is not as good as the music.

The actor's gold service blockchain speaker was Zhu Yongchun. Zhu Yongchun began to participate in blockchain related work from the end of 2015. He recently joined the Ant Financial Blockchain Division as a senior solution architect.

In Zhu Yongchun's view, the "dao" of ant Jinfu's blockchain can be summarized as the following key words: Committed to serving the real economy, it is better to be happy than Lele.

Zhu Yongchun said:

From the perspective of Ant Financial, it is actually committed to serving the physical industry. We know that there are many types of physical industries, each with detailed professional skills requirements. In so many industries, Ant Financial is unlikely to become an expert in every industry. What we are thinking about today is how to solve the blockchain industry and how to apply the blockchain to all walks of life with industry friends. Go, this is a process of mutual cooperation. Blockchain is not an area of ​​“single music”, it should be everyone to work together to innovate.

Yang Chen, director of blockchain products in Tencent, shared Tencent’s “dao” for blockchain electronic invoices: management, service, and release.

The management refers to compliance with regulation. On the one hand, Tencent adopts the alliance chain technology, and the node joins the access permit. On the other hand, in cooperation with the Shenzhen Municipal Taxation Bureau, data can be regulated.

The service refers to the service. Tencent and the WeChat public open platform, merchants can access the blockchain electronic invoices with low threshold and low cost access to WeChat payment.

It refers to the openness. The Tencent blockchain adheres to the principle of technology neutrality, standard transparency, and government services reject commercial purposes, and uses blockchain technology in physical scenarios.

The representative of Baidu is Zhang Miao, senior research and development engineer of Baidu Blockchain Lab, responsible for the R&D and technical output of the blockchain system. Perhaps because of the expertise, Zhang Miao did not elaborate on the “dao” of the Baidu blockchain in the speech.

Surgery: Tencent's spiral rise

The "skill" of the ant blockchain is: only do what you are good at. Recognizing that the blockchain cannot be used in all industries by itself, the industry experts of the ant blockchain will shift their focus to deepen the pain points and needs of the industry, and build the ant blockchain service platform BaaS. Can be a business innovation.

Tencent's understanding of "surgery" is: the development of technology is spiraling upwards. The technology takes a step forward and the scene keeps up. The two promote each other and jointly promote the prosperity and development of the industry. It’s unreasonable to leave the scene and talk about performance, security, and decentralization.

At this stage, the "skills" of the blockchain in Tencent can be summarized as: 1 platform, 2 management terminals, and service 3 types of roles . One platform refers to the blockchain electronic invoicing platform; two application platforms refer to the tax chain management end for tax bureau staff and the electronic tax bureau end for the enterprise side. The three types of roles include: taxpayers, consumers, and tax bureau staff.

The "surgery" of Baidu blockchain, the speakers were not directly mentioned in the scene.

: Baidu's 6 core strengths

Ant's "machine" is the ant BaaS blockchain service platform , with high performance, high reliability, privacy protection, cross-chain, network security and other superior technology. The strengths compared with other blockchain technology platforms are as follows:


The "device" of the Tencent blockchain is the blockchain electronic invoicing platform . The traditional electronic invoice is issued in seven steps: qualification application – purchase – issuance – receipt of tickets – deployment invoicing – taxation – sales card. Tencent's blockchain electronic invoices reduce invoicing to 3 steps: Qualification Application – Deployment Billing – Full Process Monitoring. Invoicing, circulation, reimbursement, and monitoring are all completed on the chain. At the same time, WeChat payment is opened, and the out-of-chain transaction data can be directly linked, realizing the integration from billing to reimbursement.

The "device" of Baidu blockchain is XuperChain , which is also the focus of Zhang Miao's speech at Baidu Lab's senior R&D engineer.

XuperChain is Baidu's 100% independent research and development blockchain network technology, with more than 120 patent protections, and has six core technology advantages: super node technology, intra-chain parallel technology, three-dimensional network technology, integrated intelligence and technology, pluggable Consensus mechanism, account authority system.


At present, the number of transactions processed by XuperChain per second reaches 65,000 TPS in single chain and 200,000 TPS in the whole network. For the network scale, the number of nodes above 10,000 can be reached.

Use: Tencent's blockchain electronic invoice

Zhu Yongchun showed two "uses" of ant blockchain : digital warehouse receipts for electricity trading and oil storage and transportation .

Taking electricity trading as an example, the blockchain can provide a non-tamperable credit book between multiple parties. After the electricity sales company or the power trading center registers the user's electricity information in the blockchain, the buyer and seller will settle the funds. The basis of mutual trust. When the grid company registers the use of electricity information on the issue of privacy protection, the ant blockchain provides the CA certificate issued by Alipay, and the real name is to understand the identity of the power companies and the power sales companies. The alliance chain scenario cannot complete the automatic settlement of funds through the smart contract in the chain. The intelligence and contract on the ant blockchain can realize the legal transfer of funds between enterprises through the oracle to obtain the third-party payment interface. In order to cope with potential disputes between buyers and sellers during the automatic transaction, the ant blockchain deposits the contract and related evidence in advance in the Hangzhou Internet Court. Once a dispute arises, it can be proved according to the information stored on the depository platform.

It can be seen that the ant blockchain BaaS platform is no longer a purely technical platform, but a platform with certain business capabilities. When faced with a new industry need, the ant blockchain BaaS platform can quickly build a very powerful overall solution with partners.

The “use” of the blockchain in Tencent includes blockchain electronic invoice, blockchain+export tax rebate, blockchain+supply chain finance, blockchain+medical, etc. The blockchain electronic invoice is the application of Tencent’s key promotion. As of March 18, 2019, the Shenzhen Inland Revenue Bureau issued more than 1 million electronic invoices for blockchains, with a billing amount of 1.33 billion yuan and more than 1,300 access companies.

Taking the Shenzhen Metro as an example, the Shenzhen Metro has access to the bus code business in 2018. In the early 2019, Tencent combined and opened the blockchain electronic invoice with the bus code. Before the electronic invoice of the blockchain is accessed, the number of people who need to invoice in Shenzhen Metro is about 160,000 per day. The subway station service center needs a special person to invoice passengers. After accessing the blockchain electronic invoice, no special person is required to open the paper invoice. The Shenzhen Metro can save 400,000 yuan in the cost of purchasing paper invoices and 1600 hours of manpower input costs.

Baidu's "use" includes XuperData data collaboration solution, XuperFair judicial solution, XuperIPR intellectual property solution, XuperEdge edge computing solution and XuperEngine Baidu super chain open platform.

Among them, XuperIPR is a blockchain-based copyright protection solution, which is a three-way cut from copyright confirmation, transaction, and authoritarian. Provides services for copyrighted deposit transactions on a variety of digital content, including graphics, video, audio, and more. XuperIPR has introduced national credibility agencies such as the Copyright Bureau and the Judicial Identification Center. The Judiciary is supervised to create a comprehensive and credible and reliable blockchain copyright protection mechanism. At present, XuperIPR has been fully empowered by Baidu's internal content. For example, the original content published by users on the Baijia platform can be protected by XuperIPR.

As the blockchain enters the era of commercialization, each platform has reached a critical stage of the show muscles. We can't pass a speech. A group of PPTs can easily determine which ones will be more competitive, but with the help of the "daodao" Perhaps it is possible to look at the strength of each platform. This strength is not only the technical strength, the ability to integrate industrial resources, but also the ability to judge future trends.

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