Party newspaper: the country's first blockchain membership card issued in Hangzhou

On May 31, more than 300 members of the Zhejiang Digital Economics Association unanimously received a unique “digital ID card” – blockchain membership card. This is the country's first blockchain membership card. The Zhejiang Digital Economics Association has thus become the first organization to produce and issue membership certificates using blockchain technology.

The certificate shows the member's name, the academic position, the certificate number, and the issuing authority. The information is synchronously registered on the blockchain with a unique block ID and timestamp. The blockchain membership card makes full use of the characteristics of the blockchain technology to achieve traceability, verifiability and non-tampering of the basic information of the members.

The membership certificate of Zhejiang Digital Economics Association was carried out by Babbitt, a member of the Society. It adopted its core blockchain project—beyond the original chain, as the bottom layer of technology. At the same time, the membership ID is converted into a two-dimensional code, and the user only needs to scan the QR code on the mobile phone to query the uplink information.

Compared with the paper membership certificate or the traditional electronic membership certificate, the blockchain membership card will not be lost and will not be tampered with. This is one of the core advantages of the blockchain depositing function. In addition, based on the intelligent contract function of the blockchain, the blockchain membership card will not only be a certificate in the future, but also have programmable features, so that it can interact with other digital information, so that the original quiet certificate "lives" ".

At the inaugural meeting of the Zhejiang Digital Economics Association held on May 12th, the organizers made full use of digital tools to achieve a paperless election. Zhang Feng, vice president and secretary-general of the Zhejiang Digital Economics Association, said that the membership certificate is not only for the purpose of depositing anti-counterfeiting, but also for the purpose of promoting the application of the blockchain.

Source: Hangzhou Daily

Trainee reporter Su Yang