V God: It is not impossible to encrypt, decentralize and secure cryptocurrency

According to Bitcoinist, Dorothy Roubini, a professor of economics at the University of New York and New York University, recently published a remark about the cryptocurrency bubble, which is only useful for criminals and tax evaders who want to launder money in cryptocurrencies, and the cryptocurrency is worthless. In this regard, Ethereum co-founder V God countered many of his claims. V God said that any convenience offered by cryptocurrency as a means of payment is something that everyone likes. V God accused Dr. Doom's criticism of not taking into account the many benefits of using cryptocurrency. As for the inefficiency of the technology, V God emphasizes that continuous technological advancement is currently taking place in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain. For the trilemma of cryptocurrency, V God said that there is no mathematical proof of the trilemma. At the same time, scalability, decentralization, and security are not impossible.