For Sun Yuchen to calculate the account: 31 million and Buffett to eat or lose, who is paying

Today, the currency circle, oh no, the entire financial circle has been swiped by a message: Sun Yuchen photographed the "Buffett Charity Lunch" with a record high price of $45,668,800. Sun Yuchen will also become the world's first 90-year enterprise to have lunch with Buffett. Family.

According to the usual practice, Buffett does not impose any restrictions on the topic of eating, to ensure that there is nothing to say, and that there is no end to it. You dare to ask, he dares to answer. But there is only one condition: it will not disclose its next investment choice.

Calculated for Sun Yuchen

Let's start with all kinds of evaluations. PANews wants to calculate an account for Sun Yuchen first: This is a daily price of 45.678 million US dollars (about 31 million yuan). Is Sun boss earning or losing?

1. TRX circulation market value increased by up to 713 million yuan

As a recognized “marketing expert” in the circle (that is, Li Xiaolai’s “fudge” in the recording), Sun Yuchen’s bid for the Buffett lunch is a precise planning and high-profile publicity: June 1st, Sun Yuchen sent Weibo to say "Done big things, announced three days later." At that time, the "Sun Yuchen took a Buffett lunch" has been circulated. However, Sun Yuchen seems to be brewing more emotions for the market. On June 2, he continued to send a microblogging saying "Let the bullets fly for a while." It was not until 0:2 am on June 4 that he issued a microblogging officer to announce the success of the auction.

During this period of time (from May 31 to June 4), the data on the non-small scale shows that the market capitalization of TRX has reached a low of 1.984 billion from May 31 to a high of 2.697 billion on June 2 Yuan, the highest market value growth of 713 million yuan.

Spend 31 million yuan, and increase the market value of TRX by up to 713 million yuan. From this point of view, Sun Yuchen and Buffett can eat more than 20 tons.

2. BTT circulation market value increased by RMB 56 million

The cryptocurrency closely related to Sun Yuchen, not only one TRX, but also BTT. In July 2018, Wavefield acquired BitTorrent for $126 million and launched the project token BTT. So now BTT and TRX can be said to be grasshoppers tied to the same rope.

According to the data on the non-small number, from May 31 to June 4, the market capitalization of BTT increased from the peak of 245 million on May 31 to 291 million on June 2, which increased by 0.56. 100 million yuan.

3. “High price” media advertising fee

"Sun Yuchen took Buffett lunch". Today, not only did the blasts in the media of the currency circle, but also been widely reported by the mainstream financial media. Weibo also entered the top 10 in the hot search.

The traditional media has a deep understanding of Sun Yuchen's history: the inspirational person said that he is from the small city boy to the Peking University “campus opinion leader”, to Forbes 2015 China 30 under 30 years old entrepreneurs, and then to the only group of the first batch of students at the University of Lakeside "Ma Yun disciple", and then to the "new currency"; and critics called him "plain the Jia Yueting" of the Ethereum code and white paper, as well as the "90 Hou Chen Cursor" who is good at using various hot events.

Not only the report, but also the C position. Take the Sina Finance section as an example. The news ranks in the top five in the Sina US stock news section; it is the headline in the blockchain news section of Sina. In the North American version of Sina Finance, it is a hot topic. In addition, brokerage China, daily economic news, Wall Street news, interface news and many other financial media have made headlines on this matter, and even APP news. Blockchain media is also reported and pushed by the family.

Overwhelming media reports, if calculated by advertising, add up to a million-level expenditure. Sun Yuchen saved himself a large amount of advertising fees based on his marketing power.

4·7 people who went to the banquet to send “human feelings” or take the opportunity to “suck oil”

According to the auction rules, after winning this year's auction, Sun Yuchen can invite 7 friends to have lunch with Buffett himself.

For many people, this is a good opportunity to dream and be rare. Sun Yuchen said on Twitter that he would invite blockchain industry leaders to go with them. So, for the invitees, this is a very privileged honour (after all, Buffett once said in public that "bitcoin is the square of the rat drug").

Who will Sun Yuchen invite? Netizens talked about the crowd. For example, the big v blockchain in the currency circle William guessed that Sun Yuchen might invite Zhao Changpeng and v god; while the CEO of TokenGazer guessed that Sun Yuchen might invite Zhao Changpeng to go with him.

According to the Beijing News, Sun Yuchen revealed that Li Lin, who is likely to invite fire coins, Wu Jihan, who is on the mainland of Bit, and V God.

If the invitee is the blockchain industry KOL, then does ta feel that he is owing Sun Yuchen a person? The potential benefits of this "human debt" will be immeasurable.

In addition, Sun Yuchen can indeed use these seven places to re-market to make a profit. For example, under Sun Yuchen’s official Xuanwei Weibo, some netizens opened the brain to give the “selection method” of the banqueters:

I have to say that the wisdom of the masses is endless. Will Sun Yuchen, who has a big brain hole, adopt this proposal to build momentum and take the opportunity to harvest another wave of traffic?

5. The value of Buffett's lunch itself

Of course, in addition to the above four points, in fact, we can not ignore the value of Buffett lunch itself. For example, one of Berkshire's current investment directors, Ted Weschler, won the auction twice. After eating two meals with Buffett, he was eventually included in Buffett by Buffett.

According to several media reports, "Buffett lunch" lasted about 3 hours. Buffett loves food with steak, potato pancakes and vegetable salad, and then cherry-flavored cola and ice cream.

a lunch funded by Rat Medicine

As everyone guessed, Sun Yuchen really invited Zhao Changpeng. Zhao Changpeng said in Twitter that he is very grateful to Sun Yuchen for his invitation, but he can't go, and by the way, Sun Yuchen is invited to invite Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Anthony Pomplian to participate.

Zhao Changpeng said, "He feels like he regrets that he refused $1 million." He also said that "Buffett wants to have a lunch funded by 'rat medicine' (PANews note: Buffett once said that the cryptocurrency is a rat poison). Haha. Also, what if the encryption entrepreneur bids for his lunch in the next 10 years? The net present value of $50 million is also a decent ICO."

"When celebrities are so good, people (willing) spend millions of dollars to educate you." Finally, he praised Sun Yuchen for doing this beautifully, so that the traditional financial industry will look to the cryptocurrency. 'This is called crypto Who is the child? 'Thanks to Sun Yuchen for promoting the adoption of this child."

Misunderstanding: Is Ma Yun jealous?

Bloomberg published a report on the matter, the report said, "I am very happy that Sun Yuchen won the lunch and look forward to meeting him and his friends," Buffett said in his assistant's e-mail comment, "We will have a good time, And charity Glide will use the contributions of Sun to help thousands of people." But the reporter did not comment on the matter.

For this matter, the domestic non-coin financial class KOL is not optimistic. For example, well-known financial commentator Xiao Lei said that the incident itself “should be a big negative for the cryptocurrency industry, because both the official and the media will be wary of this information. Standing in the industry history, it will become an industry madness. A historical imprint. For Sun personally, in addition to showing off wealth and exposure, it may be difficult to get substantial things, because Buffett will certainly not debate the idea of ​​cryptocurrency, but he will not be able to contribute to the industry. As a grandson who calls himself a disciple of Ma Yun, it is recommended that this meal be called Ma Yun, and the effect may be better. At least the exposure rate will explode again, but I don’t think Ma will go. I don’t know how Sun will promote this time. The meal? He would say, I changed Buffett's opinion? Or said that I got a new title: Buffett's new disciple, will Ma Yun be jealous?"

In the domestic currency circle, people's views are divided into two groups.

Some people expressed optimism that this wave of traffic may bring new leeks to the currency circle. For example, the big v blockchain in the currency circle said in the currency that he bought 100,000 wavefields to express his support for Sun Yuchen, because Sun Yuchen “spend money to go to the mainstream financial circle and traditional areas to promote encryption. Currency and blockchain, let people not have such a deep misunderstanding and one of the encryption industry, understand that this is not a group of demons, but a group of people full of ideals and feelings."

Some people also said that although they are optimistic about Sun Yuchen’s marketing ability in this incident, he is not optimistic about Sun Yuchen’s currency, or is not optimistic about the substantive results of this matter.

For example, the currency circle big v star talks directly to Weibo: "Yuchen's marketing can learn, but the currency does not buy."

Wang Ruixi, the founder of Hufu Wallet, affirmed Sun Yuchen’s marketing in Weibo, saying that “This Buffett marketing has done a good job, and the circle of friends has been screened, all of them are praised for marketing. The project will be like Sun Yuchen. Tossing and constantly trying to surpass." However, it was decided to "splash a cold water", saying that "marketing is successful but it is not good for the industry. It is a bit like self-promotion." Because "Mr. Buffett's mindset has been difficult to transcend himself, and may still stay in the early 18th century. At the beginning of the 18th century, the traditional industry has its own business logic of a hundred-year-old dimension. It has formed a set of judging companies. The vision of the vision. The Internet and blockchain industry has not experienced enough, and business logic needs to be improved. The new era is not only a change in technology, but also a change in thinking and key."

Compared with the direct criticism of the domestic currency people, some KOL comments on Twitter are more concealed.

Tuant Demeester, a partner at Adamant Capital, cites a phrase “Congratulations. Seriously.” and cryptocurrent commentator Nic Carter cites a “respect the hustle”.

Sunbus PR, leek pays

However, the “pull” brought by this marketing has not continued. Today (June 4), the price of both TRX and BTT fell after several hours after the announcement, and the market value of BTT even fell to the lowest point in the near future. So many netizens accused Sun Yuchen of "starting to ship, ready to set amaranth" under Sun Yuchen's official Xuanwei. "The news came out immediately and it was a bit ugly."

This result seems to be a response to the comment on the "can not buy" of Sun Yuchen.

In fact, the industry's criticism of the "remarketing, light technology" of the wave field has not stopped. Among them, the most impressive thing is that it is satirized by v God that “the wave field is very efficient in copying and pasting code and white papers”. This may be the main reason why some domestic and foreign currency people treat Sun Yuchen's "Buffett lunch" evaluation cold.

If blindly re-marketing and neglecting the construction of infrastructure, then the project is only a castle in the air, the result can only be "Sun total PR, leeks pay". If the wave field can't be grasped by technical marketing at the same time, it will take Buffett's old saying–"When the tide recedes, I know who is swimming naked."

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