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Following the significant increase in global blockchain application projects in the last month, the number of new projects in the blockchain application in May showed a slight correction.

According to the incomplete statistics of the Inter-Chain Pulse Institute, in May 2019, the number of blockchain application projects in the world reached 84, a decrease of 8.7% from March.

(Cartography: Inter-Chain Pulse Institute)

China remains the country with the largest number of blockchain application projects. Of the 84 applications disclosed in May, 37 were in China, accounting for about 44%. In the United States, only six applications were disclosed in May, a decrease of 53.8% from the previous month. Judging from the disclosure in recent months, the gap between the application of the blockchain in China and the United States has further widened, and China has become the global leader in promoting the application of blockchain.

(Cartography: Inter-Chain Pulse Institute)

(Cartography: Inter-Chain Pulse Institute)

In terms of industry distribution, the global blockchain application projects in May were mainly concentrated in the three major areas of finance, traceability and government affairs. According to statistics from the Mutual Chain Pulse Institute, in May 2019, the number of applications disclosed in the three major areas of finance, traceability, and government affairs accounted for 23%, 20%, and 18%, respectively.

In terms of finance, in addition to the most widely used cross-border transactions, in May, new blockchain application pilots such as blockchain electronic deposit platform, housing mortgage loan platform, and resettlement fund management have emerged.

(Cartography: Inter-Chain Pulse Institute)

For example, the blockchain electronic depository platform launched by Minsheng Bank, which is open to the judicial authorities, can synchronize business data and digital fingerprints in real time, so that the judicial authorities can extract business data online as evidence in the event of legal disputes. The Home Mortgage Loan platform jointly issued by the Dubai Ministry of Lands and the United Arab Emirates Maerse Bank can be used as a repository for mortgage records to confirm that the mortgage is in compliance with the registration policy. The Xiong'an New District Management Committee also officially launched the Xiong'an Land Acquisition and Resettlement Fund Management Blockchain Platform to realize the whole process chain management of the original archives and fund-penetration allocation.

Traceability is the second largest blockchain application area after finance, and the fastest growing blockchain application in May. In May, there were 17 traceable projects for global disclosure, an increase of 54.5% from the previous month.

In May, the blockchain traceability has extended from the widely used fields of alcohol, tea, coffee, and cheese to precious watches, silk, and large grain commodities such as sorghum, soybeans, and corn.

For example, Vacheron Constantin recently introduced a new certification process for its Les Collectionneurs series of retro watches through blockchain technology to ensure its long-term transparent traceability; is the first in the country to apply blockchain technology to the silk industry to achieve the entire process. Traceable; and the Tamaulipas State Government of Mexico uses blockchain technology to track the traceability of large grain commodities such as sorghum, soybeans and corn.

China is still the most active promoter in the field of government applications. In May, domestic governments and relevant departments made rapid progress in promoting the application of blockchain government affairs.

For example, the “identity chain” management system launched by the Qingzhen Municipal Government of Guizhou Province will be listed on the “red and black” list of integrity after being registered and used by the villagers, and linked to the welfare of discount loans; the “commercial service block” on the line of Huangpu District, Guangzhou "Chain platform" is exploring the realization of commercial services for Hong Kong and Macao enterprises "not to enter the country, offshore processing"; while the Hangzhou Internet Court is in conjunction with the Shanghai No. 1 Intermediate People's Court and the Suzhou Intermediate People's Court, relying on its judicial blockchain platform. Building a judicial chain in the Yangtze River Delta.

In addition to finance, traceability and government affairs, a number of blockchain application projects have appeared in the fields of copyright, travel and energy in May.

For example, in terms of image copyright protection, China Photo Group and Xinhuanet jointly launched the Xinhua video chain; Alibaba's large entertainment uses blockchain technology for copyright registration and deposit. In terms of transportation, Shenzhen Transportation Bureau, Alipay, Hunan Express, etc. have successively used blockchain technology to solve problems such as electronic invoices, cross-city car scans, and high-speed toll payments.

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