BB: B1 has hundreds of millions of advertising budgets and plans to attract KOL to join Voice

According to MEET.ONE, yesterday evening, CEO BB continued to answer the community's questions about Voice in the telegraph group. The main points are as follows: 1. We hope that Voice can be used in various countries, and each country has different rules, which means We must consider the laws of any jurisdiction that provides services and modify or restrict products as needed; 2. Announce that products are a mainstream means of communication through press conferences, and we choose to follow proven best practices. Voice is preparing to distribute its tokens, and we need to reserve registration time for people before the product is officially launched. Voice is designed to be the most widely distributed and fairest token in history. We believe that maximizing the power of tokens is the key to disrupting existing network effects. 3. Products will soon be online, otherwise we will not The election will be announced at this time. We are as sensitive to the voice of the community as everyone else. Given the changing regulation of the industry, it is difficult for us to make any commitments in advance, such as where to provide services and on-line dates; 4. We are constantly moving forward, but we are also concerned about the mood of the community, we will incorporate feedback from everyone. In product design; 5. Traditional social media is profitable through sales attention or advertising, and Voice seeks to return the value or beneficiary rights obtained by the platform to the user, and link the platform benefits to the people (users) who create the platform value. This is a subversion of the existing business model; 6. In the face of community members' concerns about whether Voice can be adopted on a large scale, BB replies: B1June's active audience is the community, not the general public. Social media is controlled by influential people (KOL) who make money by joining Voice. We have hundreds of millions of advertising budgets and plans to attract these KOLs to join. We will start marketing (promoting the Voice) when we are ready.