Dynamic|Hackers will gradually transfer the Ethereum acquired by the brick arbitrage fraud to the new address, involving about 12,000 Ethereum

According to CoinHunter monitoring, hackers began to transfer funds from the Telegram fraud of the official Chinese arbitrage telegram Chinese group. The details are as follows: 1. The ETH address at the beginning of 0x9076 will transfer 1860 ETHs to the multiplex. 0xd014 address; 2, ETH address at the beginning of 0x5E01 will transfer 3098 ETHs to 0x5c10 address; 3, 0x14bd ETH address will transfer 2694 ETHs to 0xcaA5 address 2694 ETH. The above transactions were conducted at the same time at 19:34:50 Beijing time. 4. The first address of 0x0386 and 0x7167 transfers 3347 ETHs to the 0xf7c3 address. CoinHunter suggested that this is the beginning of a large number of hackers to transfer funds, and then may be washed into the exchange in batches.