Analysis: The large amount of money transfer in the Ethereum chain is the internal capital flow of the fire coin.

According to Tokenview data, from 11 to 13 o'clock today, a total of 880,000 ETH transfers occurred on the Ethereum chain, which was caused by the collection of Ethereum within the fire coin. First, from the 0x7ef35bb398e0416b81b019fea395219b65c52164 address, the cumulative transfer of 780,000 ETH to 0x32598293906b5b17c27d657db3ad2c9b3f3e4265 and 0xb4cd0386d2db86f30c1a11c2b8c4f4185c1dade9. The address of the tail number 4265 received another 100,000 ETH transfer, totaling 880,000 ETH. The analysis believes that the above transfer should be the normal internal capital flow of the Fire Exchange, and investors need not be overly nervous.