Analysis: LTC calculations are high or due to rumors about Antminer L5

According to CCN, Franklyn Richards, director of the Litecoin Foundation, said that LTC has once again stood out and its computing power has reached a record high. The rise in LTC power may be a rumor about the new miner Antminer L5. According to the LitecoinTalk forum, the latest generation of mining machines can be leased on BitDeer, a cloud computing power sharing platform. Although the availability of L5 has not been confirmed, Richards said that L5 "is indeed a real thing and is currently being deployed by Bitland and its mines, including Bit Fawn." According to data obtained by Richards, "Like the previous generation L3++ This is a considerable improvement, which makes the computing output more than double from 580MH/s. Maybe this is why the L4 name is completely skipped. It is certainly not as powerful as Innosilicon's A6+, but it seems to be more efficient. It is in a good position to eventually sell to the public.” Logically, the upcoming halving of LTC will result in a halving of computing power, but if L5 is released, it will allow the network to recover faster because it can improve efficiency and Reduce overhead (assuming market prices do not fall sharply during this period).