Quote analysis: Bitcoin lures the market, the mainstream currency will bottom out

There are risks in entering the market, and the operation needs to be cautious!

At present, the market is seriously declining. The main problem is that bearish sentiment is strong, and the market is panicking. Many people’s views on mainstream currencies have turned into one up and have been rising. They have been bearish since falling, which does not hit the south wall. It doesn't look like it looks like love.

BTC fell below 7750 last night and was blocked from rebounding near 7425. It took a small rebound in the morning and fell back below 7550 in the afternoon. The K-line trend is now stable. Nie Yiming believes that the market will gradually oscillate up to around 8150-8240. Finally, it will be oscillated in the 7750-7240 range. The point needs to continue to pay attention to 7425-7550-7750-8000-8150-8240, which is mainly the key point in the Fibonacci expansion, followed by the important pressure or support in the early stage. Point, in addition to the 6-day moving average is my long-term concern, the currency price is close to this position, the lack of experience is mainly based on wait and see, the break position is the need to judge and hang out the skills.

After two days of retracement, ETH basically finished the entire eight waves. The vicinity of 240 below can be regarded as short-term support. The focus below is still around 230. The current price can be regarded as re-exiting from the three waves. Eight waves, the green arrow position in the above picture should be the 4 wave adjustment wave falling in the five waves, and also the second retracement point in the previous uptrend. At present, it can basically touch the light warehouse to do more, but need to pay attention, rebound Up to 255 above, will call back again.

EOS continues to be weak, and it is now close to the 6.00 position. This is also the key point to open the increase. I think this position is the turning point of the market, so I can consider using Fibonacci expansion to make a wave of market forecast, but the overall environment continues to be weak. The trend has been a decline and more adjustments, the overall is still not ideal, look at the offensive and defensive wars near 6.00, temporarily do not consider the operation.

In general, the current mainstream market has maintained a weak market after the uptrend technology. Although it has been stabilized at present, the trend is also strong and weak. It is recommended that you currently have more than one single position, just consider the big cake and the glutinous rice. Other currencies are mainly wait-and-see, while the short-selling is a homeopathic trend, but the risk of chasing is continuing to increase.

Source: Nie Yiming / Public Number