Analysis: BTC mainstream exchanges show an upward trend in trading volume, and the long and short-term forces are gradually balanced.

According to TokenGazer data analysis, as of 17:00 on June 5, the BTC price is $7813.91, the market value is 138,764.9MM, and the mainstream exchange 24H BTC transaction volume is about $1308.1MM, showing a certain upward trend; in terms of computing power, it may be subject to currency. The price of BTC is 51.84E, which has a certain downward trend. On the search side, Google Trends shows that the search quality of Bitcoin is stable and fluctuating in 7 days. On the futures side, the balance of long and short forces is gradually balanced, and the long and short orders are In the recent reversal of the market, there is a certain proportion of reductions. From the overall volume, the bearish forces are in a relatively weak position; currently the total market value of Bitcoin is 55.55%, maintaining a relatively stable state.