ChainNode live room than the original chain operations director Ma Qianli: Bystack BaaS platform has two advantages compared with IBM, Microsoft

On June 5th, than the original chain operation director Ma Qianli, than the original chain CFO Li Zongcheng, than the original chain Shanghai stationmaster, BitMax product director Lu Zhiya, guest ChamberNode live room (formerly Babbitt live room). IBM, Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS have now launched the BaaS platform. Faced with these strong rivals, Ma Qianli, the director of the original chain operations, said that Bystack's BaaS platform has at least two advantages: 1. Bystack's BaaS is open source, free. Let the cost be lower. 2. Bystack is based on a main multi-sided architecture than the original chain, and the Bystack is combinable and pluggable. Being broadcast live: