ChainNode live room than the original chain operations director Ma Qianli: Bystack can establish a point alliance in the field of points, let the good money expel bad money

On June 5th, than the original chain operation director Ma Qianli, than the original chain CFO Li Zongcheng, than the original chain Shanghai stationmaster, BitMax product director Lu Zhiya, guest ChamberNode live room (formerly Babbitt live room). Ma Qianli, the director of operations than the original chain, said that Bystack already has 17 application scenarios. At the moment, the first focus is on the field of points and games. Bystack is based on a main multi-sided architecture that can solve some problems in the field of integration. Bystack's application in the field of points can help build a point exchange model, build a point alliance, and let good money drive out bad money. Being broadcast live: