Report: The income situation of investors has changed a lot, and BSV has increased by 253% in a single month.

OK Research released a monthly market report, which is summarized as follows: 1. “Investor Research”: Nearly 70% of digital asset investors are profitable or flat in May, and over 70% of investors believe that BTC prices will only appear small in June. Range fluctuations. 2. “Secondary Market Quotes Overview”: In May, the daily average market capitalization and trading volume of global blockchain digital assets increased significantly. 3. “Primary Market Financing Analysis”: In May, there were 107 global public offerings, of which the financial sector was the largest. In addition, a total of 20 blockchain projects completed equity financing. 4. “Analysis of chain data and Dapp activity”: In May, the activity of the bitcoin chain increased slightly year-on-year, and the daily average of bitcoin transactions increased by 17.84%. 5. “The biggest hot spot of the month”: OKEx launched the stable currency USDK, and the currency 7000 bitcoin was stolen. Among the digital assets with a market capitalization of TOP200 in May, the performance of the payment currency and smart contracts was outstanding. Among them, BSV has the largest increase, with a monthly increase of 253.96%.