BM explains the value of Voice token advertising in the telegraph group

Some community members ask questions in the telegram group: What is the value of the ad commented on in the Voice post? BM Re: A brief explanation of the game mode in which Voice engages users. 1. You want to post a comment under the post because you think others want to comment on it too. If you are right, then you will get a 10% return, so you may want to make multiple voices in this auction process. As long as you are not the last one, you will win more VOICE. If you are the last comment, You will get more attention. 2. Increasing the attention of the post means you will get more “Likes”, and the number of Likes can make money from inflation; therefore, you should post amazing comments on popular posts as soon as possible. Then sound, in this way, you will win the game and collect more VOICE.