Apple and Microsoft ushered in a wave of updates, we found the bitcoin logo

Apple (Microsoft) and Microsoft (Microsoft) have added bitcoin symbols.

Updates on both platforms provide developers and users with the most up-to-date way to access Bitcoin symbols locally.

On Monday, Apple released a series of news at the 2019 Global Developers Conference, including a new Mac pro, but did not mention its sneak introduction of Bitcoin symbols into its list of supported symbols. Yesterday, the company launched the SF Symbols app, which provides a set of usable symbols for developers developing applications on the Apple platform. Most notably, Bitcoin’s “₿” is one of them.


Windows, which is unwilling to lag behind, released an update to the Windows 10 operating system 1903 on May 21. Microsoft added local support for Bitcoin symbols in different apps (the editor specially upgraded the computer to version 1903, but did not find the Bitcoin symbol, which shows that updates to support this symbol may be limited to overseas locations). Although the symbol has been in the form of Unicode 10.0 characters since 2017, this update makes it easier for ordinary users to use this symbol in text.


Prior to the announcement of this news, Microsoft had added Bitcoin symbols as a currency unit in Excel — although some people thought it was always — and not long ago, Bitcoin symbols had been added to the Google keyboard of iOS devices.

In order to get more information for developers, Apple also held an event called "Cryptography and your app" on June 5th local time. The company introduced a new framework for performing cryptographic operations, such as a toolkit called CryptoKit. While this is not necessarily for cryptocurrency apps, for cryptocurrency developers, such tools make it easier to build cryptographic apps and are more secure, which is very useful.

While this may not be the popularity that most Bitcoiners expect, it is indeed an improvement.