Gongxinbao GXChain announced today's secondary market repurchase plan of more than 5 million US dollars

On June 5, 2019, Huang Minqiang, founder and CEO of Gongxinbao, published such a message on his personal Weibo, promptly detonating the currency circle. For a time, Huang Minqiang’s saying that “putting the mouth with his mouth” was rampant, and all kinds of fancy rumors were flying all over the sky. At one time, this low-key founder and the inclusive domestically produced three old-fashioned public chains were pushed to the cusp of public opinion.


(Guangxinqiang founder and CEO Huang Minqiang yesterday microblogging screenshot)

Just today, the GXChain core team officially announced the launch of the secondary market repurchase plan announcement of more than 5 million US dollars, as shown below.


(GXChain core team today announcement)

This repurchase announcement officially honored Huang Minqiang’s promise on Weibo yesterday. As a domestically produced old project, Gongxinbao continuously updates the weekly progress report of the project and has a large and active community user. In the 2019 progress, GXC landed in Bithumb, Korea's largest university, and the community in South Korea's Brock City community was highly active; there were more than ten North American tour events and the New York Consensus Conference, covering dozens of North American universities. The GXC Quantitative Trading Competition is hot, and the GXChain Dapp competition in North America is also coming soon; the GXChain community in Spain, Vietnam, and Russia has been established and growing rapidly; GXChain has more and more ecological partners, including the established graphene project Bitshares. Cross-chain and smart contracts are jointly developed, and there is also a new star layer2 project Celer Network for deep cooperation between the chain expansion agreement and Dapp. In June, the first product demo developed by GXChain's killer-level agreement "Trusted Computing Protocol" is also expected to be unveiled. The existing and upcoming progress of the GXChain project, compared to other currency projects, the official team and the community have every reason to believe that GXC's current price has great potential compared to the project value, and the repurchase program shows the GXChain core team. The confidence of the project also unleashed a positive signal to the future value of GXC.

The repurchase will last for two months, and the first repurchase will be completed today, with a $250,000 GXC repo. After the repurchase is completed, the repurchased GXC will lock the position for at least 6 months. At the same time, in order to ensure the transparency of the repurchase, the GXC repurchased in the secondary market will be aggregated to the public address and subject to community supervision. By the timing of the overall recovery of the currency market in 2019, GXChain's starting style can be said that there is no currency to sell and the pie is retreat, but it is simple and neat, forming a direct positive for the secondary market.

According to the voice of Huang Minqiang, the founder of Gongxinbao, there will be a series of intensive actions after the Gongxinbao project. This can not help but lead to speculation. This family has always focused on the technical route, and the sword refers to the data economy + blockchain segmentation of domestic projects. How will Baobao behave in 2019?