Media: Wu Jihan will launch Matrix before the end of July, Bit Continental or become a major user

According to The Block, former mainland CEO Wei Jihan will launch a new startup Matrix before the end of July. It is reported that Matrix was originally infested within Bitland, and Bitcoin will subsequently become a major customer of the company. According to sources, Bitcoin is the main partner, and Matrix may become the "largest over-the-counter trading platform in the world" overnight. The details of Wu Jihan's latest joint venture have not been specifically disclosed. Four sources close to Wu Jihan said that his new encryption service, Matrix, is about a month old. While Matrix is ​​said to be in talks with potential customers around the world (except the US), the company's largest customer will be Bittland itself. Assuming that Matrix will provide hosting and loan services to Bitland, Bitcoin as a miner will generate a large amount of encrypted assets while attracting a pool of liquidity for its OTC. An Asian investor said, “Let's say that they will become the (largest) OTC and asset management companies in the world overnight. With such liquidity, (low) prices will follow. "They point out that the Asian market is "more price sensitive" and that Matrix should have a competitive advantage in the region.