Reserve Bank of India denies participation in drafting a bill prohibiting cryptocurrency

According to ambcrypto, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) provided a written response to the recent RTI, which was shared by Team Blockchain on the YouTube channel. What shocked the entire Indian encryption community was that the host read the RBI's reply: "They (the Reserve Bank of India) did not receive any letters from any department, nor did they send any letters to any government department related to drafting the bill." Although the Reserve Bank of India clarified that it did not participate in the drafting of encryption-related bills, the organization's website has been proactively issuing preventive notices to cryptographic assets to Indian investors. Other parts of the Indian government, such as the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Central Direct Tax Committee (CBTD), previously agreed with the idea of ​​“completely prohibiting the sale and distribution of all types of cryptocurrencies”. Odaily Planet Daily Note: Team Blockchain filed an application for information on May 7, 2019 for a ban on cryptocurrency. The application is based on a local news article claiming that the government is considering banning the use of cryptocurrencies.