The data shows that the top five actions of the recent encryption of "whales" have transferred cryptocurrencies worth more than $300 million.

Recently, BTC hit $5,200 at the same time, which also led to the improvement of the entire cryptocurrency market. Many large funds were traded. The data shows that the first five major actions of encrypting "whales" have transferred cryptocurrencies worth more than $300 million, as follows: 130 billion XRP ($110.7 million) transferred from Ripple Escrow; 2.10900 BTCs (5150) 10,000 US dollars) from the currency security; 3. 10,800 BTC ($51.8 million) from the currency security; 4. 9900 BTC ($50.6 million) from an unknown wallet; 5. 9,500 BTC ($46.9 million) Transfer from Bitfinex. It is worth noting that among the four BTC transactions mentioned above, three of the bitcoins were issued by wallets owned by different exchanges and then transferred to the anonymous wallet. Some analysts believe that this shows that major stakeholders are making major moves that may affect the rally. Another strange point is that all the actions took place on April 2nd, on or after the price surge. There have been no major moves before this. All of this money has been transferred to an unknown wallet, so far no one knows the owner.