Market Analysis: BTC's trend is gradually stabilized, and the shock will be profitable.

Waking up in the morning, the BTC did not show a big downtrend. Instead, it broke through the $7,900 and completed the price that was not reached yesterday night. It is currently fluctuating at $7,700, and the trend is still within the controllable range. The situation is still stable. The overall mainstream currency has risen, and the market has turned better;

Yesterday, the Yin K formed a three-day losing streak. Today, it temporarily stopped the downtrend. The MACD indicator went down, and the amount of energy was still in the outflow state. STOCH looked up under the 20 horizontal line, and the bargain-hunting atmosphere increased. The bulls were already ready to move, and the Bollinger band gap There are signs of condensation, the trend may soon enter the shock market, the 5-day moving average, the 10-day moving average are pointing downwards, the price is still downward trending trend, the support below moves up, there are signs of strongening, a lot of troops have done below Good ambush, wait until the opportunity to enter; at present, the short market is still dominant, but the bulls are gradually beginning to take the initiative to oppress, today's trend may trigger a strong rise signal, there may be a good uptrend in the short term, but the upper pressure plate Larger, the stronger the rebound, the greater the suppression will be, and the current trend needs to continue to adjust, the indicators need to be further repaired, today's trend will inevitably be the trend of shock repair, the violent trend is unlikely to occur today. Just need to prevent the signs of falling when this trend is adjusted. Long-term is not a suitable entry. Will be, remains to be seen, short-term can quickly follow up with a good full stop to;

On the BTC hourly chart, the Bollinger band gap is further narrowed, and the trend is about to be in a stalemate. Although the volume can be further recovered, it can only play a role in maintaining stability, and the bulls are also increasing. In the short term, there is a tendency to continue to test. However, if the upstream stage encounters resistance, it is easy to trigger a callback. Therefore, the profit in operation should be grasped in time, and the downside risk has not been lifted. The bottom-up is not a very good time at present, the short-term can be unaffected, and the operation strategy is to volatize the market. More dominated, with a good stop loss, once the callback breaks away in time; support 7300 US dollars, 7500 US dollars, resistance 7900 US dollars, 8100 US dollars;

ETH has a tendency to rebound and stand firm. The downtrend has gradually stopped. The Bollinger band has turned up and the amount of energy has returned. If it can go up to 250 US dollars, ETH has the possibility of triggering an upward trend. At present, more attention can be paid, and more calls can be made. ;

XRP fell below 0.4 US dollars yesterday, and today's gains have the hope of standing at 0.4 US dollars. If it can stand firm, the trend will continue to erupt;

LTC's price in the early morning stayed at 100 US dollars, and the trend has begun to be in a stable trend. The gains are close, and you can keep your attention. If you can't break the suppression of 110 dollars, the trend will form a turbulent trend;

BCH wants to maintain a stable trend in the volatile market. After the price breaks through 400 US dollars, it will tend to go up, and the upward trend will see the suppression of 420 US dollars;

EOS has a tendency to establish the bottom. The author recently reminded everyone that the $6 is still a good opportunity to enter. EOS will also be able to usp the sky, so we can pay more attention now, and the risk of bargain-hunting is not big, cautious. Waiting for around $5.8;

There is an upward trend in the overall mainstream currency trend, but they have not reached the key price level. At present, the major currency indicators still need to be repaired. There are still many opportunities to rebound in the short term, so in recent days, you only need to grasp the timing of the operation;